Eastleigh FC – target for developers?

silverlake stadium

The possibility has emerged that Eastleigh FC could find itself on the move after a plan of the Silverlake stadium site appeared on the Council website as one in a list of sites with “potential to be developed to meet the future development needs of the Borough”

The council are in process of putting together a Local Plan which they say will cater for the Borough’s housing and employment needs up to 2029.

They have identified Stoneham Lane as their preferred location for 1300 new homes but council planners have also been flying around the Borough in helicopters looking out for further land that could possibly be redeveloped for housing or business use.

In July a list of potential sites were published in a Strategic Land Availability Assessment.

List of individual sites

In addition to the Eastleigh FC site (which includes Wellington Sports ground) a number of other locations in the Stoneham Lane area have been identified including Doncaster Farm sports field, Jubilee Playing fields, Stoneham Sports club and the University playing fields.

Stadium plan

The potential for development is described as’ theoretical’ and depends on development plans coming forward and planning permission being granted. There is s no question of the club being compelled to sell but a council insider described the SLAA as ‘a shopping list for developers.’

Eastleigh News believes the club has discussed the matter with the council and that land at River Side – formerly the Chickenhall Lane Pirelli works  – has been mooted as a possible site  for a new stadium now that Council plans to construct a business park with 9,000 jobs appears to have been binned.

However any future plans are at this point are only speculation as the club has not responded to an invitation from Eastleigh News to comment on its future or its inclusion on the SLAA list.

Tight lipped Spitfires press officer Malcolm Clarke was only able to confirm that the Club Chairman had been made aware of our inquiry.

We think any possible move nearer to the Town Centre would be a good thing for the Town and the Club. What do you think?

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