Housing for ‘locals only’ say Lib Dems

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The 1300 new houses to be built on the golf driving range on Chesnut Avenue are ‘Not for people from Portsmouth or Europe” claims Lib Dem Councillor Paul Bicknell.

The extraordinary statement was made in the latest issue of ‘Focus’ distributed on the Aviary estate where residents at a recent public meeting told councillors they did not believe the proposed development was to meet the needs of local people.


The line is similar to one previously  made to cabinet by the member for Housing in Eastleigh Anne Winstanley who  also published and promoted the leaflet, it is stated in the imprint, on behalf of Chris Huhne and the Liberal Democrats.

One local Twitter user tweeted:

“I am shocked that they are using the line, “Not for people from Portsmouth or Europe”. Is that legal?”

Local anti-development campaigners fronted by aviary resident Rigel Jenman have told Eastleigh News they do not understand how the council can say there is a need to build houses for a growing population when the council’s own graph shows that in a scenario where no houses are built, the population falls.

Eastleigh News was told:

“Even councillors don’t understand it”

“They have asked someone from Hampshire County Council Demographics Department to come and explain it to them – but they are still prepared to vote on the plan even though they don’t understand it – and have it explained to them later.”



Eastleigh Lib Dems received complaints about another leaflet they distributed earlier this year which described Cllr Keith Trenchard as an ‘experienced councillor’ although he had previously not served as a member at that time.

On that occasion the leader of Eastleigh Independents Cllr Glynn Davies-Dear referred the matter to the Police although no action was taken.

The Council are set to debate the Plan at a full meeting tonight at the Civic Offiices at 7pm.

The meeting is open to the public.

To see full leaflet click here

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