Housing for ‘locals only’ say Lib Dems

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The 1300 new houses to be built on the golf driving range on Chesnut Avenue are ‘Not for people from Portsmouth or Europe” claims Lib Dem Councillor Paul Bicknell.

The extraordinary statement was made in the latest issue of ‘Focus’ distributed on the Aviary estate where residents at a recent public meeting told councillors they did not believe the proposed development was to meet the needs of local people.


The line is similar to one previously  made to cabinet by the member for Housing in Eastleigh Anne Winstanley who  also published and promoted the leaflet, it is stated in the imprint, on behalf of Chris Huhne and the Liberal Democrats.

One local Twitter user tweeted:

“I am shocked that they are using the line, “Not for people from Portsmouth or Europe”. Is that legal?”

Local anti-development campaigners fronted by aviary resident Rigel Jenman have told Eastleigh News they do not understand how the council can say there is a need to build houses for a growing population when the council’s own graph shows that in a scenario where no houses are built, the population falls.

Eastleigh News was told:

“Even councillors don’t understand it”

“They have asked someone from Hampshire County Council Demographics Department to come and explain it to them – but they are still prepared to vote on the plan even though they don’t understand it – and have it explained to them later.”



Eastleigh Lib Dems received complaints about another leaflet they distributed earlier this year which described Cllr Keith Trenchard as an ‘experienced councillor’ although he had previously not served as a member at that time.

On that occasion the leader of Eastleigh Independents Cllr Glynn Davies-Dear referred the matter to the Police although no action was taken.

The Council are set to debate the Plan at a full meeting tonight at the Civic Offiices at 7pm.

The meeting is open to the public.

To see full leaflet click here

  6 comments for “Housing for ‘locals only’ say Lib Dems

  1. October 13, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    They don’t get it

    The Liberals still don’t get it, even after Aviary Residents collectively gave the thumbs down to development off Chestnut Avenue; they come up with a concoction of 1300 homes and a smattering of titbits such as improvements for roads, schools and recreation amenities.

    After a clear grass roots reaction against the Chestnut Avenue proposals, the council who is supposed to represent the electorate are still working against those who put them into power. It has long been a consensus that planning aspects taken do not address the long term effects by taking short term decisions.

    The road network for instance, built over preceding years is woefully inadequate to cope with the volume of today’s traffic. It’s not enough to encourage developers to include junction improvements etc in the hope that everything will work out eventually.

    This ungainly rush is being seen all over our county where there are proposals for an eco town in Bordon that will have at least 5500 homes, a mini town is proposed for Fareham that mentions 7500 homes. Up near the Andover area, a site that has a life of ten years of development is on the drawing board. Residents in Four Marks recently put up signs in opposition to more development, saying, ‘Full Up’.

    I now believe that we have reached the time where we as a people need to start addressing what will be unpopular questions in a determined drive to retain our green spaces and rural areas. The comment that we need to build homes for local people, while holding some credibility, conveniently puts aside the fact that as a nation, are now more mobile than ever when it comes to pursuing housing and employment. One only has to research the census returns or ask some one who does family research.

    The tearing up of the planning book that effectively encourages a planning frenzy that includes no green belts, could off the Chestnut Avenue area see such gap between us and Southampton eroded forever. For all of the fine words spoken in defence of a green belt here and elsewhere, I am sure many people will feel betrayed and let down. When you cast your vote next May, be sure that whomever you entrust it to, shares your opinion on this matter.

  2. Reg_fidler
    October 13, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Ha ha Wrong imprint. Anne would be quick to pick up another party if they did that.Cant imagine Hoon saying no to more people from europe can you?

      October 13, 2011 at 7:02 pm

      I have checked the imprint and it is perfectly correct.

      The government has admitted at least 40% of all new builds are as a result of mass immigration, most of which is cheap EU labour.

      I am STAGGERED! Why do you all keep on voting for a succession of mainstream governments when they ALL advocate staying in the EU and keeping our borders open?

      In 2004 our youth unemployment was 12%. When our borders were opened (under EU legislation) the rate of youth unemployment began rising at just over one percentage point each year (i.e. rise in real terms of about 10% per year).

      The figure now stands at just over 20%, or 1,000,000. IT WILL GO ON RISING! Can you imagine what it will be in another 6 years? How many more of our young people are you willing to see thrown for ever onto the unemployment scrap heap before you decide to act and start using your vote to protest?

      The mainstream parties, with their insane policies (political and economic) have brought Britain to the brink of ruin. I reiterate, WHY DO YOU KEEP VOTING FOR THEM? What do they give you? The illusion of peace of mind? Oh heaven spare me!

  3. October 14, 2011 at 11:41 am

    LIES LIES LIES ! What really bothers me now is these same liars are having a say in the much bigger national issues! we must insist that to serve the people you first have to earn their trust!

  4. Mark Lancaster
    October 15, 2011 at 10:43 am

    John Edwards as usual makes very good points. Thank you John for also not using a made up name!
    As for the rest of you who leave comments I have one question: – Do YOU vote habitually for the 3 larger parties? If YOU do then go and take a good long look at YOURSELF because problems such as the current planning crisis/scandal are YOUR fault. Yes, YOUR fault!
    Very often YOU have the opportunity to vote for alternatives, people like John Edwards who I know is an English Democrat.
    Instead of being a little bit braver YOU vote for the party that YOU think is least furthest away from YOUR point of view. YOU vote for the same old rubbish and get the same old rubbish. What did YOU really think was going to happen when YOU voted LibLabCon?
    Heaven forbid that YOU should get out from behind YOUR computers and join John on the campaign trail or check out just what he stands for. YOU have a choice; stand up and be brave for once in YOUR life or sit there and watch the houses grow!

  5. mike
    November 2, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Eastleigh has become a social housing experiment and a commuter town for those that cannot afford to live in other Towns ie Winchester you only have to walk the streets to see the net effect.

    1. A growing benefit culture.

    2. Social housing \ micro flats everywhere.

    3. Land Degradation.

    4. Congested Roads and no new infrastructure.

    5. The lakeside development was rejected by the majority and yet was still approved (so much for democracy)and spun that it was the allotment holders who were against this land grab.

    6. Outsiders who really do not want to contribute to their community (base camp only)

    I feel distain and pity for the incompetent fools running Eastleigh BC but such is life…

    You have to ask the pertinent question of how the LIB Dems secure such a majority the answer might lie in the type of people who are being shipped into meet the social housing demand and the many who lie on the housing register awaiting their new flat courtesy of the state.

    Thank you

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