Councillor praises town centre cops

Police Sgt Chris Spellerberg (L) and PCSO Mike Alder

Police Sgt Chris Spellerberg (L) and PCSO Mike Alder

The work of Eastleigh Town Centre’s beat Bobbies has come in for praise by local councillors.

On Tuesday Cllr Chris Thomas, Chair of Eastleigh Local Area Committee, updated fellow members on the progress the Safer Neighbourhoods Team had made in arresting and charging burglars in the area as part of ‘Operation Nemesis’, a county wide initiative against housebreakers and car thieves.

Councillor Thomas told the committee:

“Several members have been out on patrol with police to get a flavour of what they do and see – a fascinating insight. I wish to congratulate Sgt Spellerberg and the SNT team on the great work they are doing in keeping Eastleigh’s crime figures low and the town safer.”

As well as fighting crime in Eastleigh, the SNT has been building links with the community through its use of micro blogging site ‘Twitter’ by issuing regular updates throughout the day .

A stream of ’tweets from the beat’ provides live description of the work they are undertaking, offers advice and information and  enables them to interact generally with their growing band of avid followers – currently numbering 945 and growing!

Heather and Rob

Heather and Rob

Sergeant Chris Spellerberg – known simply as ‘Sarge’ to his twitter followers – told Eastleigh News about how things are progressing in the fight against crime in the Town.

“Eastleigh Safer Neighbourhoods team has been working hard to make life uncomfortable for criminals who think they can come into our area and commit crime.

Operation Nemesis is running force wide between October until the end of the year.  It is focusing on ‘serious acquisitive crime’ which is effectively house burglary, robbery and car crime.  To my team it means we have extra resources; specialist units, more media support and more officers to assist us locally in Eastleigh.

My team have been and will continue to target criminals after Operation Nemesis. I want them to be looking over their shoulder and be really worried about committing crime, knowing we are after them.  My team of PC’s & PCSO’s are positive, confident and proactive & will track down those people who want to steal, deceive and use violence on others.  Equally we want to give vulnerable people & victims of crime the best service possible.  As an example in October 2010 for the Eastleigh Central area, for which I am responsible for, (Allbrook to Stoneham, bordered by the river on the East and Motorway on the West) there were 197 reported crimes. This October there were 156. For the year to date overall crime in my area is falling and we are solving around 40% of crimes reported to us.

Since October there have been 8 house burglaries across Eastleigh.  We have arrested 5 suspects for these, charged 1 and ‘finally warned’ a 14 year old for another. We rely on the public for their support, information and want them to have confidence in what we are doing. I am always willing to listen to how we could do things better.  I have to balance stopping crime, targeting criminals and investigating offences with other priorities raised by residents. For example, a lots of residents feel that speeding and cycling on pavements or with no lights are their biggest concerns and crime issues rarely get mentioned at meetings, beat surgeries or emails to the team.

We do respond to these concerns, for example speeding & HGV’s on Twyford Rd, cycling on pavements in the town and speeding on other roads such as Derby & Passfield. I have officers who conduct speed enforcement operations & use colleagues in the roads policing unit who do the same.  As an example on Tuesday we took 6 vehicles off the roads of Eastleigh for no insurance, arrested a suspected drug supplier from London and searched & disrupted a number of other known criminals. My cycle officers are also out dealing with people who cycle irresponsibly & don’t comply with road traffic rules & we challenge them, give advice, educate and issue tickets if necessary.

‘Sarge’ ended by saying:

I would encourage residents to visit to see what is happening where the live & see a accurate picture. Community priorities and neighbourhood team meetings are also shown on this website.  We welcome residents views & what is concerning them where they live or work and my team can be contacted by calling 101 or emailing:

You can also follow @EastleighPolice on twitter and give information anonymously to crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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