Eastleigh jobseekers up 14% Y.O.Y

Eastleigh jobcentre

The number of jobseekers in Eastleigh has increased by over 14% in the last 12 months while the numbers of 18 -24 year –olds on the dole has jumped  by 27% from 365 to 500.

This comes despite the Harvester restaurant opening in the Swan Centre.

The latest employment figures released by  the Office for National Statistics this week show the number of jobseekers in the Borough has risen for the fifth month in a row to stand at 1636 (2.1%)  up from 1446 in Oct last year.

However the figure is still well below the national average of 3.8% and the peak of 2000 reached at the end 2009.

In better news the ONS has revealed that advertised job vacancies are up 7.7% year on year in the Borough.  The number of advertised vacancies has now increased for the last six months in a row climbing from 289 in March to the latest total of 875.

However, checking the Jobs Direct website shows that out of the 260 jobs advertised for Eastleigh, 61 were for jobs outside of the borough – mainly Southampton, Winchester and Fareham but also some as far afield as Arundel, Sussex.

Conversely Eastleigh job vacancies also appear in results for Southampton’s job  seekers. While the ONS claim there are only 1.9 seekers for every vacancy in Eastleigh, the 6,000 jobseekers in Southampton who are also being urged to apply for the same jobs mean that there is effectively 8 job seekers per vacancy.

In January 5000 people turned up at the airport for just 100 jobs –100 people per vacancy.

There is usually a seasonal upswing in job vacancies in October as businesses take on temporary staff for the Christmas period.

Job Seekers Easlteigh Oct 2011