Fair Oak comes to a standstill

Fair Oak remembers

Silence fell on Fair Oak Square today as a crowd of up to forty people gathered by the War Memorial to remember the villagers who lost their lives during two World Wars.

The commemoration had been organised by Fair Oak resident Ian Taylor who also co-ordinated proceedings.

At precisely 11am the pentatonic, mournful refrain of the Last Post rang out.

Residents and shopkeepers from the square joined a million more people in thousands of towns and villages throughout the country to spend two minutes together as a nation united in quiet contemplation.

A short address was read along the names of the fallen as the bell of St Thomas’s church slowly pealed.

Fair oak

Ian Taylor (L), Geoffrey Owen and Steve Weaver(R)* Pic: Matthew Myatt

Among those who came to pay a tribute were two of Fair Oak’s foremost villagers; Geoffrey Owen MBE  – a former chairman of the parish council and citizen of honour  who served in Palestine and Cllr Philip Spearey – the current parish vice-chairman and a freeman of the borough.

A full service of remembrance led by the British Legion will take place at Fair Oak War Memorial from 10.30 am.

*Sorry Steve if I have your name wrong. You did spell it but we were drowned out  -Please email me for a correction!


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  1. November 12, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    How nice of LIB DEM Cllr Philip Spearey to turn up and then refuse to have his picture taken with our ex service personel and heros. Shame on you sir. Hang you head in shame.!!

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