Questions raised on Huhne partner


Chris Huhne with party worker and Carina Trimmingham (R) canvassing the Aviary estate 2010

Eastleigh’s controversial MP Chris Huhne seems to be linked to more questions this time relating to his former press officer and partner Carina Trimingham.

In a front page story in today’s edition of The Times Ms Trimingham is reported to have been offering prospective employers access to contacts in the cabinet and government.

In her job application, she was reported to have invited her potential employer to “make use of my skills and contacts”.

Ms Trimingham told the newspaper

“As a former political journalist for 12 years, I have many friends and acquaintances in all parties.

“I have worked in communications and public relations, including with the Liberal Democrats. Obviously in any role I take, it will not involve energy and climate change (Mr Huhne’s department ed) and there will be no conflict of interest.”

The under fire couple from Dutton Lane have both been in the media spotlight recently.

Ms Trimingham is suing the Daily Mail for harassment while in return the paper has been pressing the DPP over the length of time they are taking to decide whether or not Mr Huhne should face criminal charges over an alleged attempt to evade speeding points – an allegation he strongly denies.

On Monday the head of the DPP was bounced into issuing a statement suggesting a decision would be announced soon.