Is there still time for a referendum?

Nigel Farage

Famously the Prime Minister said that he didn’t want to ‘bang on about Europe’. Time and time again he has dodged, ducked and dived the issue. In the coalition he has been able to blame the Liberal Democrats famous and historic Europhilia as an excuse not to do anything. Well, he says, my hands are tied. There are more important things to do, such as sort out the economy”.

Well yes that is true up to a point. We have to sort out the economy, but where he gets it wrong, and where his blank refusal to allow people their say on the EU is so pathetic is that without sorting out our relationship with the EU there will be no recovery. It is generally accepted that the reason why small businesses find it so hard to grow, why it is such a risk to take on new staff is the regulatory burden that comes as part of the price for our £51 million a day subscription to that club of failure.

And where does he think the regulations come from that so bedevil business? They do not pop unannounced out of the ether, ready to put their dead hands on the millions of small businessmen and women. No they are, or at least 75% of them are dreamt up in Brussels.

But instead of allowing the people to have their say in their own future he refuses reasonable calls for a referendum. Only yesterday he announced that any new European Treaty would not pass his tests for one. He hasn3t even seen the details of the Treaty dreamt up by Germany and France, so how can he know? He cannot, he is just terrified of the people.

The result of this terror is the appalling approach to democracy that he supports, That is that democracy is too difficult, the people are too dare I say stupid to have a say. If we look at the new Governments of Greece and Italy we have the spectre of what can only be called  ‘Post-democracy’. In the minds of Mr Cameron and his EU colleagues we have to suspend democracy in order to save it. ‘The elected politicians have made such a hash of it we have to remove them and replace them with unelected technocrats’. Of course the whole point is that the people were right all along, and if the political elite had listened to them we wouldn’t be in this mess.

They all seem to have forgotten that the current EU set up was rejected in referendums in France, Holland and Ireland, and where people were not bullied they were ignored. The current financial crisis that is having, and will continue to have, devastating impacts from Athens to Ampfield is from caused not from listening to people but ignoring them.

Is it almost too far gone for a referendum to make a difference. No, it is never too late to listen to the people.

Nigel Farage MEP,  is leader of the UK Independence Party

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