Santa slip up nets Hedge End Granny pay out

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A Hedge End woman could be in line for a thirty grand pay out after slipping on a fake icicle while visiting Santa Claus in his grotto at Selfridges.

The 73-year-old granny was having a family photo taken in the grotto at the posh store in London’s Oxford Street when she slipped and fell after skidding on the  icicle shaped  tree ornament and fractured her thigh.

An appeal court has heard how the woman was still in pain from the 2009 accident.

Her initial claim for compensation from Melbry Events Ltd, which ran the Grotto, had been rejected by a judge at Southampton County Court last March who cleared Melbry Events of blame for the accident.

But the appeal court overturned the decision yesterday when Lord Justice Rix, Sir Mark Potter and Lord Justice McFarlane ruled that the “offending icicle” should have been cleared up.

The woman’s barrister said:

“It was absolutely the responsibility of the elf and Father Christmas at all times to keep the grotto clean and tidy.”

The exact amount of damages the woman is to be awarded will be decided at a later hearing.

  3 comments for “Santa slip up nets Hedge End Granny pay out

  1. Peter Stewart
    December 16, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Sickening greed! But probably not by the old lady, rather by the lawyers. As soon as she entered hospital, someone would have approached her and advised her to make a claim. A few decades ago, this would have been put down to an “accident” (because that’s exactly what it was). Sure there was an “icicle”, but was it there due to a lack of reasonable care? I doubt it if there was only one icicle. Had there been icicles strewn around the floor, one might have concluded there was a lack of reasonable precautions. But one icicle…one small human error following someone’s best efforts to sweep up! SICKENING GREED! The ultimate result of this slippery litigious slope is that eventually all creative activity will cease due to fear of legal action. That is what sickening greed does to a country.

  2. Peter Stewart
    December 16, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    P.S. It’s always someone else’s fault, ain’t it!

  3. December 16, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    The thought of Father Christmas busying himself with a broom is a novel one…

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