Airport numbers show rise

Main Terminal Southampton Airport

Main Terminal Southampton Airport

Airport bosses at Southampton International Airport believe passenger volumes have started to take off once again

The passenger numbers for 2010, have shown a welcome rise of 1.6% – after nosediving for the last couple of years from their 2007 pre-recession heights.

The Airport, which is located entirely within the Borough of Eastleigh, is an important part of the regional economy and a barometer of local business health.

Southampton Airport’s passenger numbers were up by 1.6% y.o.y  to 1.76 million for 2011 – but the Airport  is still 10% below its 2007 peak of 1.96 million passengers.

New routes added in 2011 means there are now around 50 destinations available to fly to, including 15 French destinations, Southampton Airport provides the whole of the South Coast with links to the rest of the UK and Europe.

Managing Director Dave Lees, commented:

“Despite a relatively flat market, we have not experienced the levels of decline that some other UK regional airports have done. In 2011 we added new routes to Menorca, Beziers, Grenoble, Dijon and Clermont-Ferrand.  We also saw increased capacity to Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Paris and the Channel Islands.  Looking forward to 2012, we hope to maintain our position and continue to provide business and leisure travellers with an easy, fast and friendly service.”

Last January 5,000 people attended a jobs fair at the Airport after they advertised 100 job vacancies to cope with the anticipated surge in passenger numbers new routes would bring in 2011.

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