Fair Oak women on Burglary charges

Tanning Studio Leigh Road
Two women from Fair Oak have been charged with Burglary after cash was taken from the tanning salon on Leigh Road.

On January 9 just prior to 7pm four teenagers, all female, are alleged to have gone into Universal Tanning on Leigh Road next to HSBC.

A member of staff became suspicious of their behaviour, challenged the group about why they were in the building and the group then left.

Shortly afterwards a member of staff alleged that cash was missing, suspected stolen, from a purse within the staff room and called police reporting the incident.

As a result of enquiries, on Tuesday three young women aged 17,18 and 19 all from the Eastleigh area were arrested on suspicion of burglary and three properties in Eastleigh were searched.

The 17 year old was released without charge, later that evening an 18 and 19 year-old, both from Fair Oak, were both charged with burglary and given bail (with conditions not to enter Eastleigh town centre) to attend Southampton Magistrates Court on 31 January.
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