Places…..What Places?

Chris Thomas at Norwood

Eastleigh’s Town Councillors were shocked to learn that the Conservative led County Council have discovered a shortfall in places for Year R this coming September – an anticipated shortfall of 50 places. The expectation is that the shortfall will increase in coming years.

The county are blaming this on parent choice and a rising birthrate which is surprising as the County Council must have realised this would happen because this year’s group of children were born four years ago.

Mrs Kim Bancroft (pictured) was one of the first parents to comment when told that Norwood Primary School was to lose its music room for year R.

She said:

“The children will lose out, its not fair, what happens next year?”

It is understood that the County Council are considering temporary classrooms.

Councillor Thomas commented:

“The County Council have known about this for a while, they take developers contributions from developments for education, where has it gone?”

The Conservative led County Council are holding a consultation on how to

deal with the problem, but, it’s not for parents.

Councillor Thomas calls for the County to come clean on its plans and hold a fair consultation which would include the views of parents.

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Councillor Chris Thomas is the Chair of Eastleigh Local Area Committee, Eastleigh Borough Council and can be contacted on 07948 546034

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