Police charge Lidl Vodka snatch suspects

Lidl Eastleigh

Lidl Eastleigh

Eastleigh Police have issued a warning to would be thieves after they tracked down and charged two men who snatched a case of Vodka from Lidl on Tuesday.

The thieves tried to drive away with a member of staff sprawled on the bonnet of their car but despite this brave effort stop the suspects, they made their escape in a blue Mercedes car.

Yesterday two men from Southampton were arrested on suspicion of theft and a house in Southampton was been searched.

One of the men was also charged with common assault.

Police continued their enquiries into this incident throughout the day and late yesterday evening two 28yr old men both from Southampton were charged with the theft of 6 bottles of vodka & bailed to appear at the Cities Magistrates court later this month.

Police say that If anyone was at Lidl’s Tuesday afternoon and saw the incident at around 3 pm they should contact Eastleigh police on 101.

The Sgt responsible for policing in the town centre, Chris Spellerberg, said:

“The quick & bold actions of staff and good quality EBC CCTV, showing the suspects leaving the area, helped us to identify both men and make early arrests. Shop keepers, Eastleigh residents and the police won’t tolerate people stealing from their stores.

So don’t think you can come into Eastleigh and commit crime without getting caught, because we will catch up with you, we will arrest you and with sufficient evidence we will put you before the courts.”

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  2 comments for “Police charge Lidl Vodka snatch suspects

  1. Peter Stewart
    January 20, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Well…I take it all back. There was I, over the last 20 years, bitterly condemning the installation of all those CCTV cameras (especially the scandalous waste of over £ half a million in installation costs plus perpetual ongoing maintenance) when out of the blue (as if to cruelly ram my very own words of anti-Orwellian scepticism down my own throat) this audacious robbery occurs … and from villains outside of our little fortress Eastleigh to boot! How dare these…these gangsters come into Eastleigh … OUR Eastleigh … and try to steal vodka. Anyway I take my hat off to the guy who clung on to the bonnet of the car. It was a brave thing to do… just like in the gangster films, except usually the good guy gets shaken off when the villain turns the steering wheel sharply. So (for the first time I can remember) (actually perhaps the second time… the first was when my neighbour Keith had his bicycle nicked from the Lidl car park and police were able to confirm from studying the CCTV pictures that someone had indeed taken his bike just as he had reported) … so for the SECOND time (correct me if I’m wrong) those CCTV cameras have resulted in something…only this time (unlike Keith’s bike) … the images have resulted in the recovery of stolen goods and sent a clear message to other villains (hopefully those from Portsmouth) (and Hedge End)… NOT to come into Eastleigh. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE YOU VILLAINS! So has this changed my mind about Fortress Eastleigh and its sea of CCTV cameras? No! I still believe the money would be better spent on the police, like maybe keeping our police station open 24 hours (like it used to be). Meanwhile remember this: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

  2. Stephen Slominski
    January 20, 2012 at 9:44 am

    OUR Eastleigh? Why not? I am all in favour of residents claiming ownership of the community – not enough of it IMO.

    Everyone welcome here, in this town, in this county, in the country…but if you are not going to behave then please stay away.

    Stuff like bypassing the checkout after shopping not good for trade.

    I share your concerns re CCTV Peter. We spend a lot – more than many bigger towns – and it doesn’t seem to work as a deterrent does it?

    Looks like it’s helped in this case – a good result- but is it the best use of money over all?

    I can remember when there would be a patrol car regularly sat on that roundabout wouldn’t that have deterred those thieves?

    I’m sure visible policing works so would it not be better to spend that CCTV money on more Police?

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