Places available on disabled gardening project

West End ThriveA community allotment project is hoping to help more disabled people benefit from growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Thrive is a small national charity which offers training and practical solutions,  so that anyone with a disability can take part in, benefit from and enjoy gardening.

Their Growing 4 Life project aims to cater for people aged 55 and over (although younger people are always welcome), to improve mental and physical health, reduce isolation and bring people together to improve a local green space for the benefit of the community.

Carl Harney (Thrive Project Officer) said:

“Gardening offers a range of tasks and irrespective of age or ability can support people in reaching their goals. It can improve psychological health and for those who garden in a group there can be additional positive effects on their self esteem and self worth.”

“There are also the social benefits; people make new friends and often will improve their social and communication skills. Research has also shown that access to the natural environment promotes recovery from stress and helps restore the ability to focus attention.”

Thrive has transformed an unused plot at the Moorgreen Road allotment site in West End, building raised beds, compost bays, a patio and tool shed.  In its first season, 23 different types of fruit and vegetable were grown, including giant pumpkins.

Thrive will be starting another six month programme at the Moorgreen allotment site, starting on February 28. The project is open to people who live within a 5 mile radius of that site.

If you are interested in joining the project please contact Carl Harney on 0118 988 5688 or email to

  2 comments for “Places available on disabled gardening project

  1. February 16, 2012 at 9:31 am

    What a fantastic project. At a time when more and more people are growing thier own in time of recession, its great that the disabled are able to participate and enjoy the fruits of thier labours.

    With regard to the next six month program, could I suggest (You may know of this already?)that you contact the likes of B&Q who have community liason people instore who upon reciept of written requests, are able to give help and assistance with materials / equipment on community projects.

    Best of luck from one gardener to another.

  2. February 17, 2012 at 11:00 am

    This is a fantastic example of a community project and I’m very happy that Thrive are running this!
    A similar example to this scheme is the Star4Locals Mowtivation project in Chandlers Ford:

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