Eastleigh man to brave Atlantic on plastic raft

luke Mcmillan AWF

Eastleigh folk enjoy a challenge

To mark Climate Week 2012 a handful of volunteers at Whale Nation a voluntary organisation that undertakes Humanitarian and conservation projects, have constructed a kayak made of recycled plastic bottles for a “Plastic Marathon.” A young British crew will set sail on a 27-mile course from Tenerife to La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

Heading up the project is Luke McMillan who grew up in Eastleigh (Nichol Road.)

The 29 year old Research Director told Eastleigh News:

“The goal is to raise awareness about the ease and importance of recycling.

“Basically the underlying message is that we want everyone to think again before they throw something out; recycling doesn’t have to be dull or mundane, it is simply a case of asking ourselves ‘What might I possibly use this for?’ We can find some creative ways to re-use so many products!!”

For more details of their forthcoming epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean please visit:  the plastic marathon

To sponsor the team please go their ‘just giving’ page here

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