Fight to save Stoneham Park

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Walk the Red Line for Stoneham

A recently launched website   by an Eastleigh man was born from local residents concerns over the proposals from Eastleigh Borough Council to develop a green area for housing purposes.

Stoneham Park is the green belt of land between Eastleigh and Southampton that is bounded by Chestnut Avenue, Stoneham Lane and Basset Green Road. Local residents fear that this green gap will be eroded forever.

Evidence has been found that there has been a continuity of a human presence within this area for some 2000 years from a pre Roman time, through Saxon times, culminating in the local Fleming Family who expanded and worked what was to be known as North Stoneham Park. Indeed, the world renowned Capability Brown was known to have been involved with the redesign of the park in 1770.

The new website, although still under construction is being added to and updated on a regular basis. The website is the brain child of James Ford, son of Peter Ford who is the Chairman of the Aviary Residents Association who are incidentally, backing the campaign to save Stoneham Park.

Save Stoneham Park are organising a “red line walk” that will take walkers around the boundary of the area in question that is in the cross hairs of Eastleigh Council’s planning proposals.

The walk is due to take place on Saturday, March 24th, starting at Doncaster Farm Pavillion at 2p.m. This is an ideal opportunity to see first hand for yourself the area of land that contains so much of our local history, which is threatened with development.

Click on the link to visit the website and learn more about the campaign to save Stoneham Park.

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  1. March 17, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Sad to see major developments having to go anywhere on the green fields of the borough, but an unfortunate necessity as long as the bulk are cheap starter homes or housing association that would benefit our children / grandchildren, and my bet is that won’t be the case. As for the location ? I was brought up playing around the fields of Stoneham Park (Remember the old sunken air raid shelter on the corner of Chestnut Ave and Stoneham Lane ?) I’ve also lived for 30 years now near to Fair Oak, so think I’m in a good position to comment regarding where development should be as I would hate either area being developed. (There was a scathing comment about the rejected proposals for Allington Lane on the Stoneham Park Website) What it boils down to is this; 1. Best access/ egress 2. Environmental damage and when the two sites are compared only one remains viable for development. Allington Lane is boxed in by a country park, water meadows and major conurbations. Fair Oak Rd and the roads in West End would simply grind to a halt (or at least they would if they weren’t at a halt already !) and new links through the country park or water meadows would be unthinkable. So reluctantly I would say the Western edges of Stoneham Park are the best bet, unfortunately that would mean allotments and probably the field over the track from them, I guess (not having seen the plans) this is what the council are considering. If it is I would like to sugest the developers pay for a new slip road onto the part of the M3 leading down to the Chilworth roundabout from the estate, this would ease traffic on Chestnut Ave. All this is very hard to take I know especially if you have a local emotional attachment to the area, but we must all be realistic and as long as the historical areas (memorial, old stables of Stoneham House , Lakes and fields) are preserved and enhanced I would suggest it’s not as bad as you think. (Lights blue touch paper and retires)

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