Independent withdraws from Eastleigh South

Sam Snook

Sam Snook

Supporters of Eastleigh’s battling campaigner Sam Snook will shocked to hear he has announced he is withdrawing from the forthcoming Borough Elections – despite having already delivered 4,000 leaflets

The veteran local activist, who was intending to stand as an independent in Eastleigh South ward, told Eastleigh News:

“I know there will be a lot of candidates standing in the ward and I don’t want to split the protest vote”

With feelings still running high on the Aviary estate over the Local Plan it was possible that there could be several independent candidates standing. Mr Snook went on:

“I am going to support the candidate with the best chance of beating the Liberal Democrat”

“I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not a Lib Dem”

Sam wanted to assure readers that he would still be lending his support to the campaign to Save Stoneham Park from development and would continue to work for the community.

Mr Snook has previously stood in Eastleigh for Ukip and for the Labour party.

snook jenman

Anti-development campaigners Rigel Jenman (L) and Sam Snook (R) canvassing support last year

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