BNP more popular than Lib Dems?

BNP more popular than Lib DemsAn online poll suggests Eastleigh residents are most in tune with Labour party policy and would  prefer to vote BNP rather than Lib Dem – even though there are no BNP candidates actually standing.

Lib Dems come bottom of the poll in intriguing result from the website  Vote for Policies  which is trying to encourage voters to cast their vote on the basis of policy rather than personality or party loyalty.

Site users enter their post code and indicate the key policy areas of concern to them (education, crime, immigration etc). Users then take part in a ‘blindfold test’. They are shown policy summaries taken from the main parties’ manifestoes on the policy areas they have selected and are asked to vote for their policy without knowing which party has authored it.

Eastleigh Constituents have (at the time of writing) so far completed 340 responses and the results for Eastleigh are as follows:

Labour: 22.59%

Conservative: 17.08%

Green: 16.56%

Ukip: 15.01%

BNP: 14.75%

Lib Dem: 14.02%

Eastleigh pop policy

The results mirror national opinion polls which have Labour in a substantial lead over the Conservatives and a 1% margin between Ukip and the Lib Dems.

Although these startling results point to the probable outcome of a general election should one be called soon, it is unlikely to affect the outcome of Thursday’s local vote in Eastleigh.

Despite Labour’s popular resurgence in the national polls its local fortunes went into a tailspin following the defection of their original parliamentary candidate Dan Clarke who is now a Lib Dem Councillor.

There are no Labour borough councillors currently in Eastleigh and the party will be hoping that their core vote, many of whom also tactically switched allegiance to the Lib Dems in the 2010 General Election, will be returning to the party fold now coalition cuts have started to bite and in view of the negative publicity surrounding the town’s Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne who is facing trial on charges of perverting the course of justice.

The blindfold test shows Labour have the policies local voters want but will this translate into seats on the council?

A ruthlessly efficient and well capitalised party machine should see the crushing Lib Dem majority maintained and their claim that council tax increases have been below inflation for nine years under their stewardship is one that will strike a chord with many cash–strapped voters.

Nevertheless local Lib Dem grassroots activists should feel worried that their national policies are so obviously out of touch with local voter concerns.

Meanwhile the Green Party, which is standing three candidates locally, will be encouraged to see their policies so well received in the survey placing them third, just behind the Conservatives.

The Conservatives themselves have been putting resources into their local campaign in preparation for a potential by-election tussle in the event that Chris Huhne is forced to resign and have lent their support to resident action groups battling council development plans.

They are hampered by the albatross round their necks which is Ukip. The local branch target Conservative voters by attacking Conservative national and European policies in their local election leaflets – rather than the policies of the Lib Dem controlled council -and could serve to split the Conservative if there is a tight result.

There are two English Democrat candidates standing in Chandlers Ford – their policies are not covered by the ‘vote for policies’ website – and there is also an Independent candidate standing in Eastleigh South.

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  6 comments for “BNP more popular than Lib Dems?

  1. Brett
    April 30, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Hardly surprising is it, The BNP policy has always been to put BRITISH people FIRST! In jobs & housing, whereas Lib Dems break their promises when elected I.e Student fees, and when the BNP are elected (such as their 2 MEP’s) they keep their promises and deliver.

  2. Chris
    April 30, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    I can only echo Brett’s comment and add clearly immigration is out of control under Lib Lab Con, multiculturalism is a complete failure and the character of our country is changing beyond all recognition. 8% between BNP and Labour. Things are looking up at long last.

  3. Lee
    April 30, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    If only all voting was done based on policy rather than the image the media chooses to present and the sheer wealth of the bigger parties supported by big business and the leaders of the trade unions. Maybe then we’d see this nice balance in opinion represented by the vote and the mainstream parties would actually change.
    Silly me and my pipe dreams, that’ll never happen while people stick their heads in the sand.

  4. Sam Snook
    April 30, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    UKIP exsits because none of the old traditional
    political parties are prepared to accept that the real government of Britian has now been transferred to Brussels.
    Immigration is an issue that concerns millions of people accross the country-UKIP is NOT anti
    We propose a five year freeze to sort out the
    current system and then limit immigration.
    Sam Snook

  5. Peter Stewart
    April 30, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    BNP more popular than the LibDems? Not if popularity is measured by votes!

    Also I can see how it might APPEAR as if the Tories are hampered by UKIP (like an albatross around their necks). But it is UKIP which is hampered by the Tory albatross around its neck. Can you imagine carrying such a great big DEAD bird round your neck all the time. No wonder UKIP is hampered.

    But what sort of a “conservative” party is it which opens our borders to a mass immigration of cheap EU labour? No wonder the BNP are popular. It is such a tragedy that the British people have been brainwashed into believing that nationalism is taboo in the three main parties. No wonder people are voting in their masses for the anti-EU parties.

    Between UKIP, the BNP and the English Democrats sucking out vital Tory votes, the Conservative Party is in for a hammering at the next General Election. I predict between 50 and 60 Tory marginals will be split. The only way Cameron will get into number 10, is by crawling on his knees again to Nick! What utter humiliation for true conservatives. Their answer is simple: A mass defection to UKIP. Let’s make it happen in Eastleigh!

  6. Ian Hirst
    May 1, 2012 at 9:25 am

    UKIP and BNP together,according to your poll, would have a landslide victory, easily beating labour and tories.

    Now, that’s something that should focus minds…Have the ‘old’ parties had their chasnce, blown it, and it’s time for some new ideas ?

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