Can Labour win here?


Eastleigh Labour Party have used their latest election leaflet to hit back at back at Lib Dem jibes that ‘Labour can’t win in Eastleigh’ and that ‘Labour always come last’ in local polls.

The Lib Dems have issued a series of campaign leaflets insisting that Thursdays local vote in Eastleigh’s three town wards will be a ‘two horse race‘ between the Conservatives and Lib Dems.

All the literature Lib Dems are distributing misleadingly feature a bar graph showing the 2010 General Election result for the entire constituency rather than the 2011 result for the Borough Ward.

Labour is shown on the graph as only polling 10% and in third place.

In response Labour’s graph published on their latest leaflet show them firmly in second place.

Burt which party is telling the truth?

Can Labour Win here?

A look at the council website shows that in 2011 Labour came SECOND in Eastleigh Central and Eastleigh South and third only in Eastleigh North.

In Eastleigh South only 176 votes separated Labour’s Pete Luffman from Lib Dem winner Paul Bicknell with Labour taking a healthy 33% of the vote while in Eastleigh South Chris Gilkes polled 24% of the vote – as Labour claim in their leaflet -to take the second spot.

Even in Eastleigh North, where Labour came third they still managed to capture a 21% share and not the measly 10% the Lib Dems suggest.

Meanwhile the latest ‘You Gov’ poll shows National support for the Labour Party at 40% with LIb Dems in third place on 11% while the press association has reported:

“Liberal Democrats are braced to lose hundreds of council seats when voters go to the polls on Thursday”

An online poll which shows how voters rate party policies (which was featured on the Eastleigh News website) showed that 22.5% of local voters preferred Labour Policies as opposed to 14% who preferred the policies of the Lib Dems.

Comparing the results of Eastleigh’s 2010 and 2011 borough elections the Labour share of the vote doubled from 9% to 18% while support for the Lib Dems slipped by 5% to 46%.

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