Eat in Eastleigh?


Eastleigh is renowned for it's seaweed pizza - a local delicacy harvested daily from Weston Shore

A new council sponsored website designed to promote fast-food outlets and restaurants in Eastleigh uses photos of diners enjoying themselves elsewhere – like Canada!

The Eastleigh Town Centre partnership which aims to promote business in the town engaged Reading based company Business Fulcrum to produce a site designed to promote the town and make it appear attractive but no actual photos of the town or its many restaurants have been used.

The ‘Eat in Eastleigh‘ website has an image bar in the footer titled:

“Eastleigh eateries have something for everyone”

But none of the stock images that have been used represent any of the venues in Eastleigh , in fact one appears to be of the restaurant in the  ‘Residence Belevedere’ – an old folks home in  Quebec.

Eat in Eastleigh

Same old lady is in Eastleigh and Quebec!

Eastleigh news asked the Business Fulcrums director Jane Buswell if she thought the site might be misrepresenting Eastleigh to potential visitors – Why not show people actual photos of Eastleigh and it’s restaurants?

She replied:

“The images in fact represent the very diverse ages and types who go into many eateries in the Town. i.e the “everyone” in the phrase “Eastleigh Eateries have something for everyone”

You will see they are families, teenagers, business people and those from the older generation.

The chosen photos were deliberatively chosen as being close cropped and not representative of any particular food range.

They also have contain yellows and greens which aesthetically complement the logo.

It would, of course, not be appropriate to choose photos from only four of the eateries when the newsletter itself represents over 30.”

Quebec v Eastleigh

Visitors to the site are able to subscribe to a quarterly newsletter which lists which restaurants are offering discounts or special deals.

Director of the Town Centre Partnership Cllr Peter Wall said:

“There are many great places to eat in Eastleigh including some hidden gems.  If you are interested in great food and good offers, this will keep you up to date with the latest deals in the town centre”

Check out the ‘Eat in Eastleigh” deals here:

Eat in Eastleigh Offers March2012

The recession has hit Eastleigh’s independent Restaurants  hard with only the chains that appear to be coping.  Among the empty retail units in the town Centre is the  Guzzle kebab house (formerly regarded as the best restaurant in Eastleigh by Tripadvisor) the  Fusion Bar & Grill (Martines), and in the Swan Centre the Oriental Palace and Loft & Break Bar are both vacant.

guzel picnik

Guzel gone

A Freedom of Information request has been filed to discover the cost of the campaign here:

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