Hedge End Independent calls it a day

Ray Turner. TGR Worzel

Another Independent candidate has announced that he will not be standing in the Borough elections.

Following Sam Snook’s withdrawal last week, local blogger and Eastleigh News man Ray Turner has also decide not to contest the May 3 poll.

Ray had stood as an independent last month in Shamblehurst for a seat on Hedge End town council  winning 12% of the vote and finishing just 44 votes behind the runner up conservative candidate Paul Redding on his first attempt as a candidate

Ray also polled twice as many votes as one Ukip borough candidate Michale O’Donoghue,  pushing him into last place.

The van driving former civil servant had previously vowed to topple Lib Dem council leader Keith House in an attempt to break the Lib Dem hegemony told Eastleigh News:

“The Shamblehurst by-election was a good trial-run, it was good experience and I’m pleased I contested that seat, but it has confirmed that campaigning on top of driving for nine hours a day is too much for me to take on at the moment.”

While thanking those who had voted for him he went on to say:

“The situation is not helped by the lack of interest in local politics in Hedge End. The Town as a whole just doesn’t seem to be bothered that the Lib Dems have such a large majority.

“Hedge Ender’s, generally speaking, cannot see the problem. Any successful campaign thus has a big hurdle to overcome and will have to be a well-funded, full-time, 24/7 commitment. It’s beyond me at the moment I am afraid, unless I quit my job and plough lots of money into the campaign. It cannot be done by Social Networking alone.”

Ray still  is still running a petition which is asking the government to address the situation whereby councilors can hold any number of posts in government.

Nominations for candidates in the Eastleigh local elections close on April 4.

Photo: Hedgeend blogger

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