Hedge End Tories get some unexpected help…

Preparing leaflets

Ray (centre) and colleagues preparing leaflets

Hedge End’s Conservatives are looking for a little extra help with leafleting, before polling in the Borough Elections on May 3rd.

Although much better resourced nationally than the Lib Dems, the Conservatives do not have as large a campaign team locally as the Lib Dems, who have assembled a very effective campaign machine and made the Borough of Eastleigh and Hedge End a yellow fortress in recent years. With a couple of key players currently on holiday and various wards to cover, the Southern Parishes Conservatives find themselves stretched a little thinly this weekend, but still with a lot do.

Having decided that he was unable to stand himself this year,  Hedge End Independent and Eastleigh News contributor, Ray Turner, thus volunteered to help neighbour, colleague and former opponent Paul Redding with his leafleting for the Conservatives.

Said Ray;

When chatting to Paul at work this morning, it was clear that he needed some help. I’d seen the leaflets that he wanted to deliver, its a good leaflet, I felt comfortable with the idea of delivering them and we share the goal of wanting to reduce the Lib Dems majority in Eastleigh.  So I asked Paul if he needed a hand.  Paul was grateful for the little bit of extra help that I could offer.

Ray’s round took him to the home of the Lib Dem candidate and current leader of Hedge End Town Council, Cllr Jane Welsh, creating the bizarre situation of an Independent campaigner handing one of the Tories leaflets to the opposing Lib Dem candidate.

Said Ray;

Cllr Welsh was most surprised, perhaps even a little disappointed,  to see me leafleting for the Tories, but she’s a good sport, she appreciated the irony and we had a friendly little chat on her doorstep. I said I was helping out a colleague, neighbour and mate, I felt comfortable with this leaflet and wanted to do what I can to get Hedge Enders to turn out on Thursday.  She jokingly asked if I’d deliver some of her leaflets and I said I would if I felt comfortable with them. “

“Unfortunately, I haven’t felt comfortable with the recent Lib Dem leaflets, but it was a genuine offer. If I’m comfortable with a leaflet, I’ll help to deliver it, whoever has produced it.”

“My experience in the Shamblehurst by-election showed that leafleting is actually quite hard work. Even the Lib Dems find it tiring. One elderly Councillor looked rather weary when I bumped into him on my doorstep last night, so the more helpers there are, whichever party you feel able to help, the better.”

If you would like to help the Conservatives with their leafleting, you can contact eastleighconservatives@gmail.com or telephone 01489 786039

If you would like to help the Lib Dems with their leafleting, you can contact Cllr Welsh at Jane.Welsh@eastleigh.gov.uk

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