“I’ll defend our green spaces”


Stuart jebbitt

Stuart Jebbitt with Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP

The Green Party are standing three candidates in the Borough Elections on May 3. Artist and Community worker Stuart Jebbitt  – a Kipling road resident – is standing in Central Ward.

The former Chelsea School of Art student wrote to Eastleigh News to explain why he contesting the seat:

I am standing in Eastleigh Central as I feel our council lacks a voice for the 70% of voters in this ward who didn’t vote last time the seat was contested.

I’m standing to give them the chance to vote for a local person (lives in, and has worked in the ward) whose loyalty will be to the town and it’s residents, and not to outside interests and vanity projects.

I have over 10 year’s professional experience as a community development worker and youth worker. In this time I have advocated for people who feel they have no voice or influence. I have chaired meetings, managed budgets, and set up many sustainable community projects. In short, I can do the job.

I am currently chairperson of a recycling charity that serves over 53,000 individuals in the region, and as well as this, I run my own business providing arts activities in care homes and day centres.

If elected I would vigorously defend our remaining green spaces and allotments and also put the interests of local businesses ahead of those of the large chains who would seek to take all the character (and their profits) out of our town.

This council is playing ‘Jenga’ with the over-development of the town, without having the infrastructure to cope with it.

Roads are already gridlocked at peak times and air quality is dropping.

Green spaces are being eaten away without any real debate.

I was present at the meeting where the Woodside Allotments were handed on a plate to developers and the protesting residents treated as a bit of a nuisance. An elderly resident who spoke very poetically, and from the heart, about the loss of the allotments was treated very disrespectfully and told curtly to ‘keep to planning matters’.

Housing waiting lists was given as the reason for the capitulation. But the inconvenient fact that only a very small percentage of the properties would be affordable properties for local people was not mentioned.

They have forgotten the community. I would represent that community and get back to the original purpose of a councilor – to talk to  and serve those people, not ones own ego.


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