Petrol panic pushes up prices

Passfield avenue total garage prices

Despite the panic driven petrol shortage subsiding last week some local garages are still charging a premium at the pumps. Eastleigh News has received an email from an angry local reader as follows:

Dear Sir,

I have attached a picture that has two shots in it. One taken last Monday, and one taken today, showing how those money grabbing French b*****ds at Total are ripping off motorist through their garage on Passfield Ave.

I have checked with the fuel retailers association and the cost of fuel has in fact gone down on a pence per barrel basis in the last two weeks, so how can Total be charging a 2p rise in 6 days is just plain ripping people off who are still buying more fuel in case of a strike!!


Any profiteering at your local garage? Lets name and shame them here!


  2 comments for “Petrol panic pushes up prices

  1. April 8, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Fuel prices always seem to creep up on Bank Holiday weekends and over the summer holidays.

    Supply & demand or profiteering…?

  2. Peter Stewart
    April 9, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    To qualify as “profiteering”, the profits would have to be achieved immorally. So the question is this: Is it “immoral” for Total to charge more when demand rises?

    It could well be argued that an INCREASE in price is the moral thing, in order to reduce demand for a diminishing resource.

    Certainly there WILL eventually come a day, perhaps not in our lifetime but in the lifetime of our children, when our unbelievable profligacy will see the pumps running dry…for ever!

    Meanwhile, the prices should rise (if only to deter casual motoring and stimulate the creation of a nationalized, integrated public transport system.

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