Eastleigh Police aiming to Beat Bike Crime

Eastleigh police have teamed up with Halfords, Rideride bike workshop and Eastleigh Community Safety Partnership to raise awareness of bike theft and safe cycling.

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On average 3 bikes are stolen each week across Eastleigh. Those stolen are most often left insecure or locked with a weak lock.

PCSO Ben Housley from the Eastleigh Safer Neighbourhoods team and & Dr Bike from Rideride bike workshop will be on site at Fleming Park Leisure Centre Wednesday 16 May between 5 & 8pm.

We’ll be offering free bike safety checks, free cycle security coding and advising on the more secure methods of locking bikes.  For those who get their bike coded we have a number of half price ‘D’ lock vouchers, courtesy of Halfords.

Cycle marking involves us entering the details of your bike into our cycle database, and marking it with a tamper-proof unique code that helps identify it in the future. The advantage of getting your bicycle security marked is that should it be lost or stolen, the police have a better chance of being able to return it to you.

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We also recommend registering any valuable or unique property on the National Immobilise web site.  If your phone, bike, computer or any other registered item is lost or stolen, use Immobilise to instantly tell police, insurers, and the second-hand trade. These actions help greatly in the recovery of your property and capture of thieves

As well as cycle security we’ll be promoting safe, legal and considerate cycling. For example, highlighting the dangers of cycling without lights or on footways and being aware of other road users.

Eastleigh Safer Neighbourhoods team are targeting known criminals, patrolling areas where bike thefts have occurred and using their search powers if they suspect someone has stolen property on them. We have had several recent successes, charges brought & bikes recovered back to their owners.

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Help us by giving us any information you have about bike theft Contact Eastleigh police or anonymously via Crimestoppers. Here is some useful advice from EBC on reducing bicycle crime. You can also follow our tweets from the beat on twitter @EastleighPolice.

Sgt Chris Spellerberg, Eastleigh police.



Toughen up your bike shed, tips from bike radar.

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I'm the Saferneighbourhood (beat) Sergeant for Eastleigh Central, a busy area covering Allbrook, Boyatt Wood, Newtown, Eastleigh Town Centre & adjoining residential areas, Fleming Park, Aviary Estate, to Stoneham. I lead a team of committed PCSO's & PC's. Our job is to look after vulnerable people and lock up villains. Stop crime happening and whilst doing all this we try to give residents & business the best service possible. We do make a difference but don't get it right all the time. Tell me & my team your neighbourhood concerns. Call, email, stop us on patrol or pop into the station.