Eastleigh seeks it’s first Mardi Gras Queen

Mardi Gras new Orleans Style

Mardi Gras New Orleans Style

Eastleigh’s traditional August carnival will not be going ahead this year but a replacement community event has already risen from the ashes and the hunt is on for Eastleigh’s first Mardi Gras Queen.

New sponsors have been found and a ‘Mardi Gras’ style parade is being planned – with activities on the development threatened recreation ground – to take place 15 and 16 September.

The ‘Jubilee Mardi Gras’ has been given a Diamond Jubilee theme and organisers are inviting woman who were born in 1952,the year of the Queen’s Coronation,  to be crowned as Eastleigh Mardi Gras sovereign.

She will be accompanied in her Royal duties by two princesses aged 18 – 23.

Competitions are to be held to choose the Queen which will take place at the Point on June 30 at (start 4pm) while the Princesses will be selected later the same day at the Litten Tree (8pm).

Forms for the competition can be obtained from the Litten Tree, My Style at Wells Place and Argos.

All proceeds raised from the festivities will go to support the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air ambulance.

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