Firefighters get new kit

HFRS new Gold kit

New Gold kit alongside outgoing uniform

Firefighters in Hampshire will be sporting a new and improved gold-colour fire kit from today, replacing the previous dark-colour kit. The new personal protection equipment  will also include helmets, gloves and boots which form part of the new kit.

The new kit delivers a high technical specification and a more ergonomic design therefore increasing its usability for our frontline staff, whilst also providing a standard approach to PPE across the region.  It is an excellent example of fire and rescue services working together to improve safety and service delivery as well as delivering efficiencies.

The uniform will be phased into Hampshire’s 51 fire stations, replacing existing stock as necessary due to wear and tear and ensuring the changeover is as cost efficient as possible and no unnecessary costs are incurred.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service took the decision to introduce the new fire kit in June 2010 after seven of the fire services in the South East Region agreed to a joint project in order to create a strong and professional regional identity, whilst also delivering efficiency savings for each fire service.

Malcolm Freemantle, Station Manager and project lead for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, says: “Our main aim is always to provide the best possible PPE for our firefighters.

The project to select the new regional kit was rigorous, involving extensive service and technical evaluation as well as wearer trials in which Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service played a key role throughout.

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  1. Peter Stewart
    May 18, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Question: Where is this kit made? Germany?

    Question: Why are they developing a “regional” identity? Does this confirm the ongoing EU regionalization?

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