Huhne partner loses £250k in harassment case

Huhne and Trimmingham during 2010 election

Chris Huhne’s partner and former press officer Carina Trimingham has lost her harassment case against the Daily Mail in the High Court today.

Ms Trimingham had alleged that a series of article and readers comments in published in the newspaper and associated  website during the aftermath of Mr Huhne’s marriage breakup had repeatedly mocked her sexuality using offensive serotypes and in such a way as to constitute   harassment arguing  that the references made to her were irrelevant .

However the Judge disagreed saying she was “not the purely private figure she had claimed to be”, and ordered her to pay £250,000 costs.

Speaking outside the Court Ms Trimingham said she was disappointed with the judgement which she described as “a blueprint for bullies and bigots” and said she intended to appeal.

Chris Huhne is currently awaiting trial along with his former wife on charges of perverting the course of Justice – charges which he strongly denies.


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