Lib Dems extend gains on Parish Councils


With all results in from Parish and Town council elections Eastleigh’s Liberal Democrats continued to buck the national trend and  are ‘moving forward’ towards their goal of holding every single seat on the Borough, Parish and Town council by assuming control of Bishopstoke Parish Council.

In what was billed as the ‘Battle for Bishopstoke‘ the Lib Dems  won every seat on the Parish Council except three, one of which was regained by labour’s Sue Toher – the former Chair – the other two went to Christine Mckeone for Labour and Ukip’s Martin Lyon following several recounts.

Among the Borough Councillors who now also find themselves holding Parish Council seats at Bishopstoke is Cllr Chris Thomas who in future will have to juggle his new duties as a Bishopstoke Parish councillor with his existing  role as County Councillor for Eastleigh East, a Borough Councillor for Eastleigh North and as the Chairman of Eastleigh Local Area Committee.

Ukip’s gain on the Parish Council came at the expense of the loss of Hugh McGuiness’s seat. However Ukip have still effectively doubled the number of their parish seats in the Borough as Cllr McGuiness still holds a seat on Fair Oak Parish Council.

At Hedge End the Lib Dem Paul Carnell beat the conservative’s Jerry Hall to ensure that the Town Council remains completely in Lib Dem hands except for the independent Keith Day (aka ‘Hedgeendblogger’).

Not everything went the Lib Dems way though as Botley Parish Council returned  six Independents five Lib Dems  and one  Conservative – Graham Hunter – who had had been beaten into second place last night for the Botley borough seat by Rupert Kyrle.

Cllr Kyrle was re-elected to Botley PC where he will now be joined by his wife Karen who had also stood for the Lib Dems.

Hamble voters elected three Lib Dems and nine Independents (or with no affiliation declared) to their Parish Council.

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