The Battle of Bishopstoke

Bishopstoke Riverside

“Don’t let Bishopstoke become a Lib Dem dictatorship” opposition candidates are pleading with voters as Thursdays poll see’s all 14 seats on Bishopstoke parish council up for grabs.

In a show of strength the Lib Dems have fielded 14 candidates to contest all the seats – raising the possibility of a 100% Lib Dem council. Labour has five candidates, Ukip three and there is an independent but no Conservatives standing.

Both Ukip and Labour have distributed leaflets urging residents not to entrust all local decision making to the Lib Dems alone.

Labour candidate Mary Shephard said:

“Over the last four years the different voices representing the major political parties and the independents on the Parish Council have worked well together to do the best for our community and its residents.”

“Don’t let them turn the Parish Council into a dictatorship like they’ve done with the Borough Council”

Hugh McGuinness, a Ukip Parish Councillor who is up for re-election, has similarly asked voters to;

“Prevent a Lib Dem monopoly- Ukip wants local democracy. Lib Dems want political monopoly.”

Liberal Democrats are well represented on Eastleigh’s Parish and Town councils.

Hedge End has currently only one sitting non Lib Dem – the Independent Keith Day – after 12 of its seats went completely uncontested last year and were gifted to Lib Dems.

Hedge End Town Council is therefore dominated by Lib Dems (including three members of the same household.)who are also Borough councillors and decisions  made at the Borough Council tend to be rubber stamped.

Another  problem with councillors who hold more than one elected local government post – councillors dubbed as ‘dual hatters’ by local blogger Ray Turner – is that they sometimes find they are ‘double booked’ and unable to fully discharge their duties.

Ray wrote about this on Eastleigh News and is also petitioning for legislation to prevent people from holding a position on more than one level of local government here.

The Lib Dems contesting Bishopstoke includes five serving Borough Councillors two of whom are also County Councillors.

One Ukip activist told Eastleigh News ‘We are fighting the Battle of Bishopstoke.’

Photo © Peter Facey

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  3 comments for “The Battle of Bishopstoke

  1. May 1, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I completley agree that it is wrong for the Lib Dems (or any other party) to be gifted seats. We live in a democracy and all elections should be contested. People in other parts of the world would be amazed that the Lib Dems are sometimes returned without a contest, here in Eastleigh…

    We’ve done slightly better recently, in Hedge End, with the Southern Parishes Conservatives working particularly hard to make sure that the two Town Council vacancies that arose were contested.

  2. Rory
    May 1, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Faced with losing the battle for public opinion
    our opponents especially the Lib Dems,have begun to peddle inaccuracies, half truths and
    They say we can’t leave the EU without losing vital markets,jobs and trade and will be subject to retaliation. THIS IS NONSENSE.
    We run trade deficit with the rest of the EU-
    if Libs Dems what to challange us to a debate
    on these issue-just gives us a date.

  3. Peter Stewart
    May 2, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Surely this little battle for control of one parish council really sums up the problem: Voter apathy.

    If the Tory electorate were not so demoralized by the anti-democratic direction their ruling elite have taken, they would be fielding candidates. Likewise Labour would be more active.

    Both of the big old parties have adopted an abominable policy of aiding and abetting foreigners in Europe to govern us. No wonder their core support has collapsed and marginal elections are becoming the norm.

    As voters realize it makes no difference which mainstream party they vote for (since 70% of law now comes from the aforesaid foreigners in Europe) voting itself declines. Of course this favours UKIP so I am not moaning. This is the way the equilibrium is restored…BACK TO SELF GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY.

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