Fair Oak landfill study published

Sandpits at Fair Oak

Sand extraction at Fair Oak in the early 80s

The study into land contamination  on the site of old landfilled sandpits at Fair Oak is almost complete with the risk to the vast majority of the 1300 homes falling within acceptable levels in line with government guidelines.

An independent review to monitor landfill gas, was commissioned by the Council after research had shown that the area has a number of old sandpits that were sited close to each other.  The proximity to residential areas meant that there could be a possible risk of contamination to some properties and residents due to movement of landfill gas.

The area was monitored for over a year that included the installation of a number of bore holes and the sampling of surface water and soils.

The assessment work completed so far shows that for the majority of properties in the study area, the risk is in line with government guidelines and no further work is required.  Because of the complex nature of the sites there are a small number of properties where the assessment of risk has not been able to be concluded and some additional work is required.

 Map of affected area in Fair oak

Cabinet Lead for the Housing and Customer Service Councillor Anne Winstanley said:

“I am pleased that we have now been able to publish this report.  It shows that for most homes and residents in the area the risk is at acceptable levels. We will be working closely with the handful of homes where further monitoring is required”.

The Council has written a letter and provided an information leaflet to every home in the study area.  Officers are visiting properties where further assessment is required to discuss in detail. A copy of the full report is available on its website www.eastleigh.gov.uk/landfill

The additional research will be undertaken later this year.