The Trojans Academy

Trojans Academy was launched on Tuesday 19th attracting junior players from around Hampshire.

Those that met the entry requirement (found at took the opportunity to receive coaching from ex South African international Craig Peel. On the opening night 15 junior players arrived ready to develop their hockey ability.

Players are not only helped to improve their skills but also encouraged to be the best player they can personally be with no pressure to reach standards set by any governing body.

Trojan Academy members receive high quality coaching but also have access to physiotherapy should they need it.

With all involved still expecting more players to arrive as the summer goes on the academy is set to go from strength to strength and hopefully producing players that can rise through the junior JAC and JRPC systems.

Although Trojans hockey club run the sessions in partnership with King Edward school they are open to all players who meet the entry requirements.

A coach with International and national league experience everyone is expecting the participating players to see an increase in performance in only a matter of weeks.

Products of the Trojans Junior system include Great Britain internationals Alex Danson and Rob Moore. Trojans hockey club are looking to be part of the Olympic legacy and are looking to give as many junior players as possible, whether they are Trojans members or not, the opportunity to experience specialised training sessions to help develop their ability.