Council confirms Local Plan mails went missing

Eastleigh civic offices

Eastleigh Borough Council have confirmed that a glitch in their email delivery stopped some people receiving invitations to comment on amendments to the local plan as part of the latest round of consultations which closed on July 13.

The problem of missing emails was reported Botley Parish Councillor Graham Hunter, who never received an email while his wife did.

Cllr Hunter – who has a background in IT, realised other people might not have received emails from the council which were distributed on May 31 and reported it to the Council who launched an investigation following which the Chief Executive wrote to Cllr Hunter saying:

“It seems that the cause of the problem is with the recipient ISP blocking mass emails as these are automatically identified as suspicious by the filtering software that they use. This is done by the recipient’s ISP remotely and therefore does not even reach the recipients own IT system. This is not a problem that we were aware of and, I suspect, is not generally known about and is completely out of our control.”

However the council refused to extend the consultation as they claimed they had taken sufficient steps to publicise it as follows:

  • An article in the Borough News May 2012 -The Borough News is delivered free to every household in the borough.
  • Publication of documents on the Council website
  • Press publicity – a press release issued on 29 May 2012
  • Deposit of the documents at all Borough Council offices, town/ parish council offices and local libraries

The Chief executive commented:

“Communication by email is only one of the ways that we get our message out to residents and an additional rather than primary method of publicity”

There will be a meeting of the Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel this evening A committee of Councillors will be considering representations and objections to the Draft Plan and associated studies made by the public and other interested bodies during the recent consultation period.

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