Dog and owner savaged in ‘horrifying’ park attack

Staffordshire Bull terrier

A man drinking from a beer can leads dog past group of children minutes after attack

A woman recovering from a bone marrow transplant was attacked by a Staffordshire terrier in Leigh Road recreation ground as she fought to save the life of her savaged pet spaniel – only for the callous owners to walk away from the blood covered victims without offering any assistance.

The victim who does not wish to be identified was walking her five year-old Tibetan Spaniel, Phoebe in the park at around 4 pm last Thursday when a black Staffordshire terrier in a leather harness, which has been running loose, suddenly attacked the smaller dog, immediately fastening its teeth around the spaniels throat.

The woman had to force her hands into the terrier’s mouth in a desperate attempt to prise it’s jaws apart an act which lead to her receiving bite wounds.

The woman told Eastleigh News how she feared for her pet’s life:

I saw one of her eyes filling with blood – I assumed she had a brain haemorrhage; her tongue was hanging out, a dark blue colour and she was limp.

After the terrier was pulled off the woman found the spaniel’s heart had stopped breathing but she was able revive it using artificial respiration.

At the time the Park had been crowded with families  enjoying some rare summer sunshine and several witnesses came forward to assist the victims.

One person photographed the dog owners as they made off whilst another drove the injured animal and owner to Riverside Veterinary Surgery  in Bishopstoke.

Fortunately, both Phoebe and her owner are expected to make a full recovery but because owner recently had a bone marrow transplant and is prone to infection she has had to receive shots and has been put on a course of antibiotics.

Police Sargeant Chirs Spellerberg of Eastleigh Safer Neighbourhoods Team said:

“This was a particularly nasty incident which we are taking very seriously”

Police have been handed photographs taken at the scene and are investigating.

The owner, who says she is still traumatised by the  ‘horrifying’ experience has pleaded for help to locate the dog and it owners:

“That dog is going to kill again; I don’t want to have a child’s blood on my conscience”

Anyone who witnessed the attack or has any information is asked to contact PC Woolridge at Eastleigh Police Station on 101. Alternatively, they can leave their information anonymously by ringing Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by using the online form here  .

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  3 comments for “Dog and owner savaged in ‘horrifying’ park attack

  1. Jon
    July 9, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    My dog was attacked in the same park on the 22nd Jun, by a dog and owner matching the picture; luckily nether my dog or I were injured, just very shaken. Incident was reported to the police and they did attend.

    My attack was not the first, with this one I now know of 4!! The park and surrounding areas have CCTV, so what are the Council and Police doing to investigate?

    Just before the dog went for us it had gone for a man in front of us; this animal does not care, it could so easily have been one of those children.

    • Miroulla
      July 11, 2012 at 9:08 am

      Unfortunately I think this dog should be put down and the owners dealt with accordingly.

  2. michael
    July 12, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Everyone who has resided in this town for numerous years state this area has declined. The facts remain Eastleigh has become a Social Housing experiment for those that contribute little and then you wonder why crimes such as these occur.

    If the Police showed the flag more often and adopted more of a zero tolerance then Eastleigh might feel a less intimidating place.

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