Fleming Park could be rebuilt in £22 million revamp

Fleming Park Leisure Centre

Eastleigh Borough Council have agreed to spend £45,000 to investigate the feasibility of replacing Fleming Park Leisure Centre with a new facility to be built on the site of the current Civic Offices at a cost of up to £22 million.

The council say they want to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics in 2016 with a major re-launch of the Leisure Centre and ‘re-invent’ sports provision in the area.

Last week the Cabinet heard how the current aging facility would require up to £4 million spent on maintenance over the next eight years.

Councillor Alan Broadhurst – Cabinet lead for leisure explained:

“Some parts of it are getting a bit old and tired and I n need of repairs

“It’s got to the point now where it needs a major rebuild on the existing site to bring it up to modern standards else we must look at a new site. It is really a very successful centre with 1.2 million visits a year.

“We do need to consider working with the Health Authority – they might like to share facilities with us. There is great opportunity here to get that centre set up for the next 25 years.

“It was a good centre when it was built but it is now showing its age”

The proposed new facility would occupy a smaller footprint due to multi-story car parking and would be designed to capitalise on food and beverage sales –  the inclusion of a sports shop and a pharmacy are also being considered.

The council is already proposing to borrow £36 million to fund the purchase of the Rose Bowl and construct a Spa Hotel and golf course at the site.  It has been predicted that the council’s existing borrowing on capital investment could already rise  to as much as £118 in the medium term without the added cost of rebuilding the Leisure Centre, but it is hoped that up to 50% of the total could be met by funding from other sources like Sport England and local health partners.

The council will be moving out of their current offices and re-locating to the town centre in 2013.

One option being considered would be to demolish the existing civic offices and law court and construct the new leisure centre while the existing facility continues to operate.

Over £2 million has been spent on improvements to the leisure centre since 2002 and a £185K was spent on fitting solar panels to the roof last year.

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  1. Stephen Slominski
    July 23, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Hey guys!

    I’ve got a couple of great ideas!!

    Idea #1

    The car park at Fleming Park is free at the moment right?

    After the Civic Offices have moved and the Staff dont need to use it as an overspill anymore,how about keeping Council Tax down by CHARGING ordinary folk to use the new Multi-storey!

    What do you reckon? After all Riverside leisure centre already charges for parking (Winchester Council doesn’t have their offices next door)

    Idea # 2

    How about we do a deal with Eastleigh FC and combine a new stadium with the leisure centre and Multi storey? We could build that on the Old Fleming Park – it would a waste to turn that land back over to dog walkers and it would free up the Spitfire’s current Stoneham Lane site for development so we can completely concrete over the strategic gap!


    We could make it into a Rose Bowl Mk2 by redeveloping the Holiday Inn – After all it must be in urgent need of updating as it is at least 25 years old.

    No need to thank me, or name the new complex after me (although ‘The Slominski Stadium’ does have a bit of a ring.)

    No need to hand over brown paper envelopes stuffed with high denomination notes either – my planning advice comes completely foc.

    Just remember you read it here first- I don’t want other people claiming its their idea 😉

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