Final Push to Insulate Hampshire…

Residents of the Borough of Eastleigh, and more widely across Hampshire (but not Southampton & Portsmouth), have until 30th September to register for a scheme that could see your home insulated for free…

The Insulate Hampshire scheme is a council-backed scheme, funded by Scottish Power, that currently offers free cavity-wall and loft insulation to householders living in any of the 11 District Councils across Hampshire.  

Applications can be made online via the Insulate Hampshire website or by telephoning 0800 952 037.

Speaking at the Community & Culture Committee meeting at the Hedge End Town Council Offices this week, Rose Barrington-Groves of Insulate Hampshire explained the scheme and said that;

The scheme is free to everybody, not just those on benefits or low-incomes.

Cavity-wall insulation is subject to survey, which involves drilling a small hole in the outside of your house to check whether cavity wall insulation is already installed and whether the cavities are suitable for insulation, free from debris and dampness.

Cavity wall insulation was only introduced as a standard circa 2004, so properties built prior to this date, even the fairly modern-looking ones, may not be insulated at the moment.

Applications received on or before the 30th September will be eligible for the scheme, with the survey and installation work continuing for  a couple of months after that.

Provided application forms are received by 30th September, residents should qualify for the free insulation.

Concern was expressed at the meeting, by Cllr Garton, based on her own experience after registering for the scheme, that householders details might be finding their way more generally into the marketplace and are receiving phone calls and enquires from companies who are not officially part of the scheme.

Rose Barrington-Groves explained;

Insulate Hampshire does take data-protection seriously and customer details should be confidential to Insulate Hampshire and the call-centre in Huddersfield…

Only three installers are used by the Insulate Hampshire scheme, A&M, Dyson and SIG, but SIG are not being used within the Borough of Eastleigh.

There have been some problems locally with rogue traders, with canvassers saying they are from Eastleigh Borough Council or are backed by the Council when they are not. Householders should be on their guard and should always ask for id.

Under the scheme, professionally fitted loft insulation is also free if you currently have less than 60mm installed. Residents who do not qualify for that can optionally register for a “Community DIY” scheme where loft insulation materials are provided free for householders to install (or arrange installation) themselves.  

A list of forthcoming “Community DIY” events can be found on the Insulate Hampshire website, or you can enquire by emailing [email protected]

Ray Turner

Formerly a Civil-Servant and IT Specialist at ONS, Ray is now semi-retired and spare-time self-employed. He contributes to Eastleigh News on a voluntary basis and is also an administrator for the site. 


  1 comment for “Final Push to Insulate Hampshire…

  1. Stephen Slominski
    September 16, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    This is a great initiative and one I’ve taken advantage of this year.
    I have recently extra loft insulation installed and cavity wall insulation whacked in completely free under the scheme.
    I should be telling you about how much money it has saved me..but it hasn’t, it has so far only resulted in extra expenditure!!
    In order to replenish our existing wafer thin crust of loft lagging I had first to clear our loft out.
    This took several days as th eloft was completely rammed with the detrius of 20 odd years of urban living, kids toys, baby equipment, redundant keep fit gear, clothing which had mysteriously shrunk (but might fit again one day) abandoned musical instruments, holiday suitcases, Christmas decs etc.
    Although a fair amount found its way to the dump and charity shop we were still left with sizeable
    heap of stuff we did not know what to do with.
    For example, my collection of almost 3,000 records. I haven’t heard them in years – in fact I no longer have any equipment to play them on.
    However sentimentality and the irrational belief that many are prized collectors items people would pay ££££s for means I am unable to ‘let go’.
    I certainly don’t want to put all this stuff back up in the loft as this would result in compressing the pillowy mounds of new lagging thus reducing its efficiency so we have “pro tem” hired a small container at £80 pm…that was 5 months ago.
    As the cost storage is about to rocket by 20% – VAT will be applicable from October – we have to take action!
    So I have bought a steel 10′ x 10′ shed for £300 …which is currently in two large boxes occupying my dining room/office. Looks like I’m going to have to pay to hire a couple of guys to dismantle the old one and erect the new one 🙁
    I was listening to local radio last week and one of the presenters was in the same situation..I wonder how many storage units have been hired out in the UK as a result of free loft lagging??

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