Alexander Square ‘pyscho’ gets 18 years

Alexander Square

A man who sparked a major incident at Alexander Square last May after he squirted heroin into the mouth of his baby and tried to murder his ex-partner has been jailed for 18 years today.

Roger Weir, a former soldier from Slough Lane, Poole beat the 27 year-old woman with a metal baton then shot her with an adapted mini- flare gun before attacking her with a meat cleaver. He then squirted heroin into the mouth of their 20 month- old daughter.

When Eastleigh Police arrived at the Twyford Road housing estate in response to a 999 call they found the woman covered in blood having managed to escape the flat. Weir was still inside with the baby, threatening to harm it but officers managed to persuade him to come out peacefully without further incident.

Weir, who described himself as  ‘pyscho’ to the court,  later told Police he was upset that his ex-girlfriend had started a new relationship with a Police Community Support Officer.

Both Mother and baby had to spend time in hospital to recover. The baby was unharmed having spat out the heroin and Weir himself had to have surgery to save his right hand which he had severely damaged with the cleaver during the incident.

Weir, 45, had admitted the attempted murder of his former partner at Winchester Crown Court. Judge Cutler sentenced him to 16 years for attempted murder and two years for administering a noxious substance to his child, to run consecutively.

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Update: Roger Weir died of natural causes while still serving his sentence in October 2019

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