Fire crews evacuate 46 people at Nursling

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Four people are suffering from nausea at Nursling Ind estate in Southampton after an unknown smell, believed to be gas, was detected and 46 people were evacuated.

At 07:28hrs today (11 October), fire crew were alerted to the incident and arrived to find casualties conscious and breathing, but suffering from nausea from the inhalation of the unknown smell.

Officers immediately called an ambulance and evacuated a total of 46 people from the premises.

Hazmat Officer Howard Watts said: “The smell was believed to be coming from the mezzanine floor of the industrial unit.

“Following an evacuation, a specialist hazardous materials team of three entered the premises in gas protection equipment and found no hazardous substances. The team then vented the premises and stood down at 10:25hrs.”

The building of sheet metal construction is approximately 120m by 100m and has an open-plan layout.

Appliances that attended included: Redbridge, Totton, Romsey, the Special Equipment Unit and a pump from St Mary’s, and the Detection Identification and Monitoring (DIM) vehicle from Service headquarters.