New ‘NHS’ political party goes live

NHA Co-Leader Dr Richard Taylor

A new political party organised by a group of leading health professionals opposed to current government policy on the NHS, launches it’s website today to coincide with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s speech to the  Conservative Party conference.

The National Health Action party (NHA) says that when NHS patients and staff took centre stage at the London Olympics opening ceremony they highlighted the  “treasured place the NHS has at the heart of society” and claim that the:

“commercialisation and increasing privatisation – policies being pushed through ever more rapidly by the Conservative-led coalition –  are threatening the very survival of our much-loved health service”

Founded by a group of health professionals including Professor John S.Yudkin and Professor Sir Andrew Haines the party:

“strongly opposes the Health and Social Care Act. We believe the Act is wrecking the NHS in England by allowing it to be broken up and sold off. We intend to put up around 50 candidates in carefully chosen general election constituencies, and we will urge the Labour party to repeal the Act. We’ll also field candidates in local council elections”

Party co-leader and cancer specialist Dr Clive Peedell said:

“For generations we’ve trusted the NHS to be a safety net for everyone in times of need. Putting the values of business and the markets ahead of those of patients and communities will ruin the NHS. This destruction is being fast-tracked by Tory and coalition policies. We hope our new party will halt this process.”

National Health Action:

Twitter: @NHAparty

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  1. October 19, 2012 at 12:42 am

    Great news, I have fought all my adult life defending the NHS and public services. By making this stand you are giving all those who rely on health and welfare services and cannot afford to pay.
    You should concider using KONHSP and their union contacts I am a member of the trade union and socialist coalition.
    There are thousands who will support your stand we need to look at how the we can unite as many people as possible and start to give a political alternative to market forces which we are told is the only way forward. Celia Ralph

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