“Low Pay, No Pay” jobs leave people in poverty

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A report published  by think tank the New Policy Institute on behalf of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation this morning claims that millions of working people live in poverty,  trapped by  ‘low pay no pay ‘ jobs.

Poverty is no longer the preserve of the unemployed.

In its annual report  “Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion” the NPI also reveals that increasing numbers of well qualified university educated people have fallen into poverty with many graduates unemployed.

The popularity of university education has merely resulted in a “better educated workless population” they claim.

The report also maintains that unemployment numbers have been masked by the benefit system and the drift to part-time employment.

Although throughout the recession the number of people claiming dole (JSA) has been static at around 1.6 million 4.8 million people have claimed JSA at least one in the last two years

There are in fact now 1.4 million part‑time workers who say they want full time work – the highest figure in 20 years.

Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of JRF, said:

“The most distinctive characteristic of poverty today is the very high number of working people who are also poor. Many more people have experienced poverty since the downturn, cycling in and out of insecure, short-term and poorly paid jobs. Tackling poverty requires a comprehensive strategy, but overcoming the frail jobs market must be the starting point.”

The report also casts doubt on the effectiveness of the government’s proposed ’Universal credit’ to combat poverty:

Peter Kenway, Director of NPI, said:

 “The high level of in-work poverty undermines any idea that better incentives to enter work, the centrepiece of Universal Credit, is some kind of cure-all.”

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  2 comments for ““Low Pay, No Pay” jobs leave people in poverty

  1. November 26, 2012 at 10:46 am

    The problem with JSA is that if you leave a low-pay/no-pay job voluntarily, because you realise the situation is unsatisfactory, the Benefits Agency tend to to take some or all of that away from you, as a form of punishment it seems…

    The Government, and many employers it seems, just wants a compliant workforce that it can exploit…

  2. Pete Stewart
    November 26, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Oh dear! Another sad symptom of the “race to the bottom”.

    This is the price we pay for allowing successive governments to collude with fat cat globalists. None of them gives a damn about anything except maximizing profits. Yes! Profit is a good thing but excessive profit is a bad thing. As someone once said, one man’s profit is another man’s loss. This is especially true in the UK economy.

    With something as large as the UK economy, the inertia is enormous and the principal globalist change (i.e. exchanging our industrial labour base for cheap foreign labour) is only just being felt now, decades later.

    Take a good long look at the Ford factory in Southampton! That is just the tip of the globalist iceberg. The remedy is simple: Carefully controlled tariffs on foreign imports of certain goods. That would level the playing field and bring back industry to Britain.

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