Be stress free in pregnancy


Women answer most queries towards their feelings with the standard “I’m fine”. We all know this is usually a lie. This rhetoric avoids any further questions, but also means you internalise your true feelings and worries. Inducing unnecessary stress like this is generally not good for your health and apparently it’s also not good for your unborn child.

According to a recent study, stress experienced by a mother while pregnant can increase the risk of their unborn child being bullied in later life.Any motherly anxieties during pregnancy, like financial worries, can result in the child being more sensitive to the effects of stress.

Pregnant women are always being told to sit down and relax. This can be frustrating when you feel ‘fine’, but there may be more sense in that than you realised. Pregnancy can be stressful enough. You’re constantly tired, heavier, hormonal and preparing for a major change in your life. Any extra reason to rest, like the future happiness of your child, should be welcomed.

All parents want the best for their child. You want them to be happy, healthy and successful and you will do everything you can to ensure they achieve their dreams. This could mean sending them to the best schools, driving them all over East Hampshire to take part in extra-curricular activities, ensuring they’re well fed and, of course, supporting them and loving them unconditionally. It also means looking after you.

From the first signs of pregnancy you have to focus on yourself. Make sure you’re happy and healthy in your life, to ensure your child is too.

The upcoming holiday period is a fantastic time to do this by spoiling yourself. Time off from work, family and friends doting over you and presents galore are all to be expected, so make the most of it because your baby will benefit.

But it’s not always easy to stay calm over Christmas. The trick is to say ‘no’. You don’t need an excuse, especially when you’re pregnant, juststick to Clearblue Advice and only take on as much as you want to. Sit back and enjoy Christmas, knowing that after this one you’ll be spending your holidays caring for and chasing after a child.

The holiday period is usually a very expensive time too. From an influx of social events to buying presents, your wallet may feel like it’s constantly hanging open. Financial worry can be a major stress for an expectant couple. You want to be able to provide everything for your child, and the easiest way to ensure your money doesn’t just disappear, especially at Christmas, is to make a budget. It seems an obvious solution, but the hardest part of budgeting is sticking to it. Again, the trick is to say ‘no’. Making small sacrifices now, like tightening the monetary limit on presents, will benefit you later when your baby is born.

Christmas is a fantastic time to be pregnant. Granted you can’t enjoy the alcohol on offer to full avail,but it’s one of the only times as an adult you’ll be spoilt rotten like a child again. And if anyone asks, tell them you’re fine and mean it.