Hotel Rising At Ageas Bowl

East Upper frame progressing wellThe first steelwork has been erected for the new hotel at the Ageas Bowl.

Until now, there has been little to see. The constructors have been laying the foundations and moving the stadium’s floodlights to accommodate the new hotel building.

With plenty now happening above ground, the Ageas Bowl have just launched a live webcam, where development of the new hotel can be followed online.

Also included on that page are the latest photos from the site, showing specific work in more detail. Those photos will be refreshed on a weekly basis during the construction period. 

Club Chief Executive, David Mann said;

“This is a major moment for this project as it is the first opportunity for people to see the actual structure of the hotel. It really enables them to visualise how it will look once complete, judging its size and style.” 

The Ageas Bowl is owned by Eastleigh Borough Council and is now leased back to Rose Bowl PLC. Construction of the new the 175-bedroom, 4-star, Hilton-branded hotel is also being part-funded by the Borough Council.

Both investments have required the Council to take loans, with revenue from the hotel and the ground being used to repay the money that has been borrowed. Although controversial, the deals have now been done and construction is underway. The Leader of the Borough Council, Cllr Keith House, has consistently said that the surplus income, particularly in the longer-term once the loan has been cleared, will be used to keep Council Tax down.

Speaking about the new facilities, David Mann added;

“Judging from the early indications, it really is going to be quite a stunning building.”

The 175-bedroom, 4-star, Hilton-branded hotel will include bedrooms, bars, restaurants, a function room facing onto the pitch and a Spa leisure club.

Adjacent to the hotel bar, a main restaurant will offer up to 150 diners a view over the cricket ground.

The hotel building will also accommodate the club house for the Ageas Bowl’s new 18-hole golf course.

  2 comments for “Hotel Rising At Ageas Bowl

  1. J Kemish
    December 21, 2012 at 9:19 am

    I thought the intention was that this would be a 5* hotel as we have the Botleigh Grange, Marriott and Botley Park which are all 4*. I understood as a 5* it would attract the international teams to stay there?

  2. Peter Stewart
    December 21, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    If Keith House is proved right about this investment, then his critics will have plenty of humble pie to gorge on.

    Big investors were afraid to invest in the project, but that was then, in the depths of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

    Britain has already emerged from recession (although this news has been suppressed, possibly to avoid pressurizing the Euro and squeezing Greece out.

    By there’s only so long the government can hide news of Britain’s recovery. I reckon by the time the daffodils are in bloom, Britain will officially be out of recession. Then this investment by the council may start to look a whole lot more promising, especially if any surplus is ploughed back into the Borough.

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