Former Eastleigh Mayor joins Ukip

Former Lib Dem Mayor Glynn Davies-Dear signs up with Andy Moore and Dianne James

Former Lib Dem Mayor Glynn Davies-Dear signs up with Andy Moore and Dianne James

A former Lib Dem Mayor of Eastleigh Glynn Davies-Dear has signed up to Ukip along with with a fellow ex Liberal Democrat and former councillor Andy Moore.

The two men both resigned from the Liberal Democrats in 2011 after news of MP Chris Huhne’s adultery broke. At the time Mr Davies-Dear had said Chris Huhne’s affair with a party worker while espousing ’family values’ during the 2010 election campaign had made him ‘feel dirty’ see here

Both men resigned along with Cllr Dave Broughton to form an Independent Group in the Council Chamber but subsequently lost or surrendered their seats back to the Lib Dems.

Speaking of his decision to wind up the independent Group of Eastleigh Councillors and join Ukip, Davies Dear said:

“You beat your head up against brick wall as an independent it doesn’t get you anywhere in this borough. Ukip are the people who can beat the Lib Dems Labour and the Tories and they are the closet to my political stand. They’re radical they believe in what they are saying. I also like the candidate.

“She is what David Chidgey was; she will make a good MP.”

Mr Davies-Dear told Eastleigh News that he had revised his ideas about Ukip’s immigration policy:

“I never used to like what they said about immigration because I thought it was racist but now I find that actually it is not. It is a reasonable, sensible approach that resonates with the people of Eastleigh and I believe in representing the people of Eastleigh and I know the people of Eastleigh are fed up with the number of people flooding into the country.”

When asked if he thought Ukip policies appeal to other Lib dem supporters Mr Davies-Dear laughed:

“Yes I know damn well they will and they probably would say so if they weren’t so scared of Keith House!”

Andy Moore who used to be a Lib Dem councillor for Central ward added:

“The Independent part of Ukip – the independence party – is what I stand for. It’s about helping the grassroots of Eastleigh – helping Joe Public. As Liberal Democrat councillor we started out like that but everyone got lost and now you have all these high paid councillors who are not listening to the public Ukip does listen.”

Dianne James the Ukip candidate in the Eastleigh by-election welcomed them to the party saying

“I am thrilled to have them on board. Ukip is a growing force in Eastleigh, The reaction on the street has been great. It is because we are offering a real alternative.”

Mr Davies-Dear has already vowed to try and reclaim his borough seat for Ukip.


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