Thornton: I won’t give up my council seat

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Lib Dem candidate Mike Thornton has revealed that if he won the by-election he would not give up his seat as a borough councillor representing Bishopstoke West.

The bookies  odds-on favourite to win Chris Huhne’s old seat was talking to journalists at the Ageas Bowl on Tuesday when Eastleigh News asked about his intentions If he should win.

“I would like to keep the seat because it helps you to keep in touch with your roots but if I did it would be inappropriate to keep the allowance the best thing would be to let it  be kept by the borough or give it to charity”

“I would like to keep the borough seat as long as I am able to  serve the people in my ward

“If they came to me and said “Mike you are neglecting us” I would have to think seriously about letting someone else run for it.”

Thornton added that he would give up his unpaid seat on Bishopstoke Parish Council.

The Lib Dem also described himself as a “fairly ordinary bloke” admitting “perhaps I’m a bit dull.”

Eastleigh News asked if he was disappointed that the election campaign seems to have descended into a planning row.

“I think it’s very important. I am proud of what we have done to protect green spaces but without a policy – a considered and responsible local planning policy –  all green spaces throughout the constituency will be at risk.”

“We are going to be providing houses for young people and 420 affordable houses just by building on that one golf course”

During a hustings event on Sunday Thornton had vowed to stand by the local plan “even if it makes me unpopular”.

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