Eastleigh control room operators to the rescue!

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Hampshire Fire and Rescue control operators based at Eastleigh provided vital survival advice to an elderly lady, 83 with limited mobility when a fire broke out in her kitchen. On Sunday (7 April) the Fareham fire crew came to the rescue of the 83 year-old resident who was trapped in her house.

During the call control room operators quickly ascertained the elderly resident had limited mobility. Armed with this information they gave her vital survival advice, reassuring her and staying on the phone until the arrival of the Fareham fire crew.

Officer in charge of the incident, Station Manager Rob Cole said:

“When we arrived the occupant was on the phone speaking to our control room operators who, advised her to shut the door on the fire and open the windows of the room she was in. Because of their quick assessment and advice she was reassured and very grateful for the service she had received”

In this incident the woman was rescued from her property unharmed. Station Manager Cole added:

“For a situation like this we would echo the advice the control room operators gave; call 999, get yourself into a room furthest away from the fire, shut the door and open the windows of the room.”

Following their swift response fire crews were able to extinguish the fire that had been caused by the oven grill being left on, causing fire damage to the kitchen area of the property.
Further information and advice about home safety can be found on the Hampshire Fire and Rescue website:www.hantsfire.gov.uk/yoursafety/athome

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  1. Pete Stewart
    April 10, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Another illustration of the superiority of the current LOCAL fire control rooms. I think there are still around 46 in England.

    All the fire staff undergo EXTENSIVE training before being able to man the phones, which includes a VERY thorough knowledge of the local area under their control.

    This FIRST RATE SERVICE may yet be in danger from the EU, which has plans to regionalize England into 9 EU regions.

    EU regionalization is coming in by the back door, using “cuts” to justify amalgamating services. If we let the EU continue wrecking our country, we shall have the ultimate nightmare: Just NINE EU REGIONAL CALL CENTRES covering the whole of England and manned by one or two computer operators, possibly in a foreign country.

    Imagine what would happen if any one of those computer reliant call centres went down. Imagine the strain shoved onto the remaining 8 regional call centres. At the moment, if there is a problem with one of our LOCAL FIRE CONTROL ROOMS, tried and tested procedures kick into action automatically. It would be inconvenient but with some 45 other control rooms to share the burden, that’s a good insurance! How much more vulnerable we would all be with just 9 call centres.

    Also, you know what call centre queues are like. You can imagine phoning up for a fire and being asked to wait in a queue. It already happens in some parts of the world.

    Or you explain there’s a massive fire in the centre of Eastleigh and the distant operator says, “Could you tell me please, where is Eastleigh?”

    At the moment if you phone up one of our dedicated LOCAL fire control rooms, you get trained, permanent staff who will have a fire appliance on its way 8 times out of 10 or better, in less than 60 seconds and the first appliance should be with you in around 7 minutes.

    Another good reason for voting UKIP, because only UKIP opposes our EU membership and all the damage which the EU will inflict on our fire service.


  2. April 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Fire cuts cost lives.Firefighters wages make up over three-quarters of fire and rescue service budgets, so cuts to fire service funding invariably mean cuts to firefighters jobs. But its only proffessional firefighters who can put out fires,deal with other emergencies and rescue people safely. Fewer
    firefighters puts the public at risk of injury and death.
    Thats why the Fire Brigades Union says’cuts cost lives’

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