Joel Builds Website for Velvet

Joel Kidd. Freelance web designer.

Joel Kidd. Freelance web designer.

A college student from Eastleigh has developed a new website for the local bus company, Velvet Bus.

Having studied the original Velvet Bus website, 17-year-old Joel Kidd from Barton Peveril College thought it could be improved and sent some design proposals to Velvet Bus, a speculative email which arrived at exactly the right time.

Managing director, Phil Stockley, was intrigued to meet the young entrepreneur behind the visuals that landed in his inbox. As Phil explained;

“Joel’s timing was spot on because we had been thinking about what to do with our website. He had lots of good ideas and we were keen to talk to him further.”

The meetings which followed sowed the seeds of a mutually beneficial project, which has  launched Joels career and delivered a new website for Velvet Bus.

Joel said:

 “To date, my approach to getting commissioned has been to mock-up some design ideas for existing websites which don’t do justice to the brands they represent.”

“Essentially it’s cold calling, but it works. I’ve got several clients now and plenty of referrals coming in from the work I did for Velvet.”

Meanwhile, Phil was so impressed by Joel’s enthusiasm, professionalism and speedy delivery that the revamp project expanded from visual design and coding to more complicated back-end programming.

“Joel’s approach and swift turnaround would stagger many businesses. We really were impressed by his approach to the challenge and the creativity with which he tackled the project.”

Having completed a vocational IT course and an AS level in Media Studies at Barton Peveril,  Joel has now decided to cash in on the success of his first major project and launch his career ahead of time.

Joel knows he’s entering a highly competitive market in economically challenging times, but as he explained;

“It’s been a huge decision to leave college but I know the creative industries are for me and just feel it’s the right move. There’s so much out there and I can’t wait to be a part of it!”

The new-look Velvet website is at

Ray Turner

Formerly a Civil-Servant and IT Specialist at ONS, Ray is now semi-retired and spare-time self-employed. He contributes to Eastleigh News on a voluntary basis and is also an administrator for the site. 

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  1. Pete Stewart
    May 26, 2013 at 9:13 am


    Excellent! The spirit of British enterprise! Great to see that 40 years of EU-globalist sabotage has not destroyed it completely. Now let’s get Britain out of the EU and trading (fairly) with the nations of Europe and the World.

    Let’s trade on an equal footing which benefits Britain, rather than disadvantages us at every turn and gives it all away to our EU competitors. Let’s be selfish! Let’s elect UKIP politicians who will restore British jobs for British workers!


    It’s all very well giving our jobs away to the developing world. No doubt that assuages the consciences of some of our more privileged political elite. No doubt they believe their globalist philosophy is tantamount to charity.

    But charity is a noble thing done in secret, not the brazen theft of British jobs. So let’s be selfish! Let’s rebuild Britain and boot out all those politicians who talk Britain down! Once we do that, we shall see Joel’s enterprise replicated over and over again, until it once more covers our great Land like it did before 1973.


    One day soon, great British enterprise like Joel’s will be visible in the form of a vibrant British manufacturing.

    Remember when Eastleigh was once a great manufacturing town? It will be again one day once Britain wakes up and elects a UKIP government.

    If Joel’s success is not to be squandered, we need to shake off 40 years of EU-globalist brain washing, which has conditioned us to believe we are an inferior nation fit only for servitude.

    Be in no doubt, Britain can manufacture its own goods cost effectively, unlike the situation at the moment where it buys them in from foreign suppliers and pays the price in the form of horrendous national debt.

    For those who feel inferior I say there are no better people on Earth than the British. The story of Joel reminds you of that. This is not to say that the British people are better than any others. No. But there is no harm in reiterating this fundamental truth: There are no better people on Earth than the British. No foreign power should govern Britain.


    Joel is proof that Britain’s problem is not the people, but our own wretched political leaders, cursed by centuries of intellectual, scholastic, social and even biological in-breeding. The result is the destruction of hybrid vigour in the political class.

    Thus Britain has allowed itself to breed a political elite who, by virtue only of an accident of birth, find themselves exalted, yet who despise themselves bitterly for their own lack of self-faith which manages to out-stare them in the mirror. No wonder they exact revenge on their own country.

    So let’s take Joel’s example and use it to start rebuilding Britain! We don’t have to rely on globalist profiteering and cheap foreign labour exploited under working conditions which lag a Century behind our own. With people like Joel and UKIP, we can make Britain work.

  2. June 4, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    UKIP can make Britain Work.” How can that be”?
    UKIP is part of the group of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) The group include the representatives of the “Danish Peoples Party” the “True Finn Party” “The Dutch SGP” and the in famous Italian
    “Lega Nord” and all of them are far right.

    Nigel Farage is co-President of the group along with “Lega Nords”
    they only interested in Europe.
    Sam Snook

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