Baseball-bats at the Tory Club…

Tory clubhousePolice were called to the Southern Parishes Conservative Club in Hedge End on Saturday evening, 24th August, to break-up a fight that was taking place outside.

Eastleigh News has learned that four men returned with baseball bats after being refused entry to the club whilst the annual summer ball was taking place.

It is not clear if the assailants were members of the club, or merely hoping to be signed in as ‘guests’, as per usual on a Saturday night.

However a fight ensued, the Police were called, several arrests were made and at least one person was hospitalised with various other injuries sustained, including by officials at the club.

Speaking to Eastleigh News, Ray Hall [of the Beer Baccy & Crumpet Party] who lives next door to the Southern Parishes Conservative Club said;

I’m banned from the club, wasn’t there, wasn’t involved and missed all the fun, but I subsequently learned that it was all kicking off outside whilst I was indoors watching the football on the TV…

This is the worst incident that I can remember happening at the Conservative Club.

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