Factory bosses promise action on resident concerns

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Disgruntled residents in Hamble’s Cliffe Avenue who say they are fed up  with noise, traffic and litter from the nearby GE Aviation factory  have been assured by the plant’s US bosses that their concerns are being taken ‘seriously’.

In Eastleigh News last week Ray Turner told of a series of complaints from locals which included lorries causing obstructions, noise during anti social hours and smoking employees loitering outside the gates.

Since Ray Turner’s article other residents in Kings Avenue – and GE employees – have contacted Eastleigh News to confirm the reported issues.

The residents said they found site operators unwilling to address their concerns but a spokesperson from GE Aviation’s US HQ has telephoned Eastleigh News to say they will now be taking action to resolve any problems:

We take comments from neighbours around our facility seriously and will do everything we can to be a responsible corporate citizen. We recently became aware of some issues from local residents around our Hamble facility and we are meeting with the residents to resolve any issues. We have also put in place some immediate actions such as Lorries being permitted to enter the site, outside of core hours, to turn around and avoid reversing on a residential street and we are continuing to make additional improvements.

A  Cliffe Avenue householder has confirmed to Eastleigh News that GE Aviation have indeed been in touch and residents now have a point of contact who will be forming a residents liaison group.

Eastleigh News also understands that MP Mike Thornton has offered to meet with locals to see if he can help and that Eastleigh Environmental Health will also be meeting with GE Aviation.

Hamble has a long association with aviation and aircraft have been assembled at the Hamble Lane factory since 1936. Many famous aircraft have been fully or partly assembled there; the Social club has been an important part of Hamble’s community life for many years and the site continues to be a major employer in the Borough.

Current operators GE Aviation employ around 800 people there and they have recently announced a £32 million investment to produce parts for the latest Airbus passenger jet.

Commenting on the recent development since Eastleigh News reported the problems a resident said:

“This shows the power of social media and how working together can resolve problems”



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