Roof destroyed after lightning strike

Shirrel Heath- fire

A home in Shirrel Heath had its roof completely destroyed by fire following a thunderstorm last nigh.

Around 45 firefighters from Wickham, Bishops Waltham, Droxford, Fareham and Hightown attended a five pump roof fire in a two storey dwelling last night at around 8pm

Firefighters had to use breathing apparatus and an aerial ladder platform from Southsea to extinguish the fire. A special equipment unit from Cosham was also deployed.

As well 100% per cent damage to the roof the first floor was also slightly damaged by fire.

A lightning strike is believed to be the cause.

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  1. Pete Stewart
    October 23, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    My commiserations to the owners and congratulations to the Fire Service.

    This fire shows why we must NOT cut our Fire Service and indeed why we should RESTORE it to its former glory.

    Politicians say because there are fewer house fires today, that we can safely cut our Fire Service. Poppycock! Our Fire Service is like an insurance policy: Most of the time you hope you will never need it, but when you do, you can rest easy knowing it’s there.

    After the great fire of London, the British people saw the sense in forming and paying for the best Fire Service in the World. It’s only since we started to run out of cash in our own kitty, BECAUSE we are paying so much tax to prop up the EU, that we started to cut our Fire Service.

    I say leave the EU and put the cash back into Britain, British jobs and our Fire Service.

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