Yobs try to spoil the party


Yobs who tried to prevent an audience from leaving a show at the Hilt are also suspected of causing nearly £1,500 worth of damage to Hiltingbury Pavilion.

Around 80 people attended a show by tribute act ‘the Bootleg Blues Brothers’ at Hiltingbury rec on Saturday evening while a group of youths hung around outside making a nuisance of themselves.

A local resident saw a group of up to 10 youths causing damage to railings and a wall outside the entrance to the pavilion while others repeatedly tried to gate-crash the gig.

At the end of the evening guests trying to leave the hilt were obstructed by hoody wearing youths some of whom tried to prevent people from leaving by jamming a foot against the door.

Police – who had to be called out twice during the evening – say their investigation is making ‘excellent progress’ and hope to be charging people soon.

The Bootleg Blues Brothers evening was organised by Hiltingbury community association who are trying to utilise the Hilt facility for community entertainment

Police Sergeant Mark O’Hanlon of the local ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Team’ said he believed the youths were from outside the area.

In an email to Eastleigh News he also said he wanted parents to start thinking about what “little Jimmy or Jane are up to” when they go out at night.



Pics: ©J.Grajewski

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